With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility

Brooklyn and Louis are the kids of the superhero superman. They live in a training facility and have never been into the outside world. The only glance they have had to the outside world is a small window in each of there rooms. That all changes one day...........


2. I wake up to Louis.

Brooklyn's P.O.V.

I wake up to the sound of pillows being thrown at me. I thought probably Lou

"Wake up already!" Louis shouted.

I zapped one of the pillows with my heat vision.

"Wow, Feisty one we got here!" He shouted again.

"You have no Idea" I mumbled

"Come on get up, Niall wants us!!!!!!" Louis shouted again.

"Stop shouting god, the neighbors can probably hear you!!!" I told him.

I dragged my self out of bed and walked into my closet, Decorated with pictures of Zayn, Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall and a couple superman movie posters. By the button I press to put my suit on is a letter my Dad wrote to me. Dear Brooklyn, Remember what I always say with great power, comes great responsibility, and remember I will always love you. <3 Love your Daddy, Superman.  Underneath it was a picture of me, Louis, and Superman. I pushed the button and my suit was on instantly. I ran to Louis' room and threw a pillow at him

"Payback!" I yelled and ran away.

"Oh, you little..." he yelled back.

As soon as he reached me, I froze him and as soon as I was done niall walked out of the tech room.

"Why did you freeze him?" Niall asked.

"He threw a pillow at me I threw a pillow at him you know how that goes."  I replied.

"oh, ok" he exclaimed.

I unfroze him.

"Why did you-I Forgot what I was going to say!" He told me confused.

"the magic of freeze breath!" I said "come on niall wants us!!"

"Ok!" he exclaimed

Skip to lunch

"You wanna go to lunch?" Zayn asked me.

"Sure!!!!" I exclaimed hungrily.

We walked to the food court with all the restaurants like McDonalds, Subway etc.

"Hey guys!"

"Holy crap you scared the heat vision out of me Liam, look what you made me do I ruined that man's lunch!" I exclaimed.

"what's up dudes?" Louis yelled.

"Louis, I swear you have a problem with yelling!" I said.

"Someone's crabby this morning!" Louis yelled again.

"I give up" I whispered.

"you want up?" Louis asked

"NO! NO NO!!!!!!!" I yelled.

He picked me up and carried me to a bench and insisted I stay.

"someone needs to talk to you!!!" He yelled as he walked away.


sorry it took so long my computer crashed! I have a winner for the girlfriend contest, Louis' girlfriend is I'm A REBEL! bye my crazy mofos gunna play some papa's taco mia!!!







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