Dylan and Franz

jennifer has three best friends named katelyn, nia, and Erika. Two of the most wonderful and sweet guys want to be her boyfriend then she chooses Dylan then he broke her heart and Franz helped her up and they fell in love for a while and then he does something wrong and she doesn't trust anyone at that point then Dylan is begging for her trust again and he helped her.

If your interested go on and read it no ones stoping you hope you guys love it
I love you so much:) ~ ily(:


6. what to say

when I woke up from texting Franz I looked at all the texts and I smiled it was uncontrollable but I just did and then he texted me saying good morning beautiful. I smiled and texted hey back.

Franz: so what time do you want to meet?

Jennifer: how about at 3 pm

Franz: sure

Jennifer: ok ill see you then

then I put my phone on the charger and I went to get my clothes, take a shower, put my clothes on, brush my hair, brush my teeth, and put my makeup on. then I left and I saw Franz standing out side my door about to knock and he laughed and said " ughh I can explain haha" I laughed with him and I said do want to just walk to the park it'll save money haha he said sure. then when we were walking he tried to hold my hand and I looked at him and said you know you don't have to slowly do that you could just grab my hand and he said yah but I want it to be romantic not fast and worthless. then I said aww how sweet and then it started raining and I was like omg we should go back to my house he said ok and he carried me *bridal style* and I laughed and smiled.

then when we got to my house we ran to the bathroom to dry our self and then while i was drying my hair he pulled me towards him and it looked like he was gonna kiss me because his lips were super close to me not even the thinnest book in the world could come e=between us and he said im just gonna say it i really want to be with you and i really like you a lot and i want to be with you and I kissed him and he said wait lets not do this until your ready because I don't want to force you into anything and I said follow me and we went to my room and i put music on saying ok we'll just hang out and talk and then he said so Jennifer can i ask you something and i said sure then he asked can we plz go out because i cant stand being in the friend zone i want to be with you and i smiled and i said ok so you really want to go out with me? he went on his knees saying yes i do. I smiled saying  ok and i kissed him saying i did to and I said im ready and so things happened.

i went to get my shirt and to put it back on

*you can assume what happened*

and he said wow that's a record right after I asked you out we did it and I said well ya we did and i faced him and said I've been wanting to kiss you like that since I saw you and I cant believe it happened he smiled saying I wanted to see what it was like to kiss you too just the way your lips would feel on mine and it felt like if I was kissing the most prettiest girl in the world and that's you. I smiled  and said your so sweet. then he kissed me again and it felt like it was just me and him only out of the whole world and it felt magical. then it got night and he said ill brb im hungry and I showed him to the kitchen and he made himself a sandwich and I went up stairs and Dylan called me I didn't answer and he left a message saying I love you still and I really want you back its not the same without you and i texted him saying leave me alone your the one that got me sick and turning into nothing but bones and very little skin and the last thing i said was Goodbye. and i blocked him number and Franz came back up eating a sandwich and smiled with cheese on his lips and I smiled and said come her and I kissed him.





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