Dylan and Franz

jennifer has three best friends named katelyn, nia, and Erika. Two of the most wonderful and sweet guys want to be her boyfriend then she chooses Dylan then he broke her heart and Franz helped her up and they fell in love for a while and then he does something wrong and she doesn't trust anyone at that point then Dylan is begging for her trust again and he helped her.

If your interested go on and read it no ones stoping you hope you guys love it
I love you so much:) ~ ily(:


18. What did I do last night


I was so confused when I got up."did we have sex? I said with a cheeky smile. Ya you were pretty much on you knees being for it. He Said with a grin. What do you mean. I asked.You don't remember? It was like the best sex I've, we'll we both had had. He said with a wink. Don't you worry ill be more than happy to explain. Okay go ahead. 

~~~~ Dylan's p.o.v~~~~

so we  were in our room , and since Erika and Niall ( the couple who have the loudest sex ) have the room next to ours we could obviously hear them. You totally wanted me because you were tugging at my belt. And than I looked at you and pulled you in closer for a long kiss. You got on top of me, and pulled back for a breath and you took my shirt off while you were up. then You started kissing me on my neck and you went down till you reached my pants. You unbuckled them and took them off leaving me with only my boxers. You looked at me and smiled and took off you shirt .I couldn't help but laugh, that was the first time that you've wanted it without me asking for it.  So i pulled you in for a kiss and rolled over on top of you. I pulled at you shorts  and pulled away from the kiss smiling. I leaned back in and took your shorts off. I can't lie I was pretty hard. My dick was poking at your vagina. You couldn't help but moan. You took your panties off and I took of my boxers off. You were soaking wet! I thrusted inside you. We both moaned at the same time of the pleaser.  I kissed you on the neck and you moaned even loader. You started moaning my name over and over again. You feel amazing .I told you. Go harder and faster. You begged.  I reached my climax  and couldn't handle it anymore, I pulled out and I came. I kissed you'd one last time and I put on my boxers and you but on your panties and were here know.

~~~~back to both p.o.v~~~~ 

wait we didn't use protection?!?! What the fuck Dylan! Haha don't worry I pulled out, pulse it feels 10 times better without it. He said laughing. I couldn't help but smile. He leaned in closer for a kiss. I'm sorry, are you mad at me? No. I said with a smile. Alrighty then time for round two. He pulled me closer.






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