Dylan and Franz

jennifer has three best friends named katelyn, nia, and Erika. Two of the most wonderful and sweet guys want to be her boyfriend then she chooses Dylan then he broke her heart and Franz helped her up and they fell in love for a while and then he does something wrong and she doesn't trust anyone at that point then Dylan is begging for her trust again and he helped her.

If your interested go on and read it no ones stoping you hope you guys love it
I love you so much:) ~ ily(:


10. what a wonderful day

so when i woke up i got a text from franz saying 

Franz: hey r u ok 

me: ya i was just really tired 

Franz: ok just making sure and i-

i heard the doorbell go off and i left my phone on my bed and went to check who it was and i Katelyn, Erika, and Nia with 3 different guys two of them were from one direction Katelyn was with Loius, Erika was with Niall and Nia was with Justin Bieber and i let them all in. My friends introduced me to their boyfriends. so i gave them all a hug and said omg i havent seen you guys in forever then katelyn was all like

katelyn: ya i thought you were dead

and then we all left and i was haha so you guys getting that D

and their boyfriends laft and Niall said we did that on her birthday and Loius just said not yet she wont let me yet... then Justin said i might get some today hahaha.

then i said haha ok ill brb i need to text my bf and i went upstairs and i read the rest of the txt

Franz: ok just making sure and i wanted to know if u want to go somewhere and stuff;)

then i said ok but can we bring my friends and their dates and he texted back saying sure. then  went down stairs and they were all kissing their boyfriends and then i heard the door bell 30 minutes later and then i went to check who it was and it was FRANZ and hugged him tightly saying i missed you with a smile at the end then he said i missed you way more. then we laughed and i said ohh we should go to that carnival when were done eating our sandwiches and they said ok then we drove a truck to the carnival took about 20-25 minutes and when we got off i said  ok how about we meet at the front gift shop at around 9ish pm so we could split up and we all agreed. Then i said we should go on all the rides and so we did and then we went on the farris wheel first and we kissed when we got to the top and then we rode the last ride and so he said follow me and i went with him and he took me to a photo booth and he put 5 tokens in and we sat down the 1st pic was us doing a silly face the 2nd one was of us smiling the 3rd one was of me and him looking deep into each others eyes and the 4th one was o us kissing and then i stopped kissing him and whispered lets go look at the pics and he said ok then i got out and got the pics and he said here keep them and i said no we'll share and i smiled. then i said omg its my fave game come on lets go play

~it was the game that you shoot water into a little circle of in a mouth~ 

and we playing and i won and i said YES and the guy gave me a big minion from despicable me and i said here you gave me the pictures i give u the minion and he laughed saying ok but lets play again and this time i let him win and he gave me his minion and we laughed and then it got to 10 pm and i said oh shoot i forgot to meet them at the front then we ran to the gift shop and we saw then and then we went to the car

~going straight to when we dropped everyone off and we went to Franz house~ 

so when we got his house and we started kissing and then he said we should go in my room and i said ok then we got his room and we fell on the bed and he was taking my shirt off an i took his shirt off then he took my shorts off and i was taking his pants off but then i said wait u need to put a condom on and he laughed and he said ok while he was walking to the bathroom and i was taking my bra off and my panties off then i went on the bed and he came out and he was naked then we were having sex and i think i moaned really loud that time because my throat hurt and then like 2 in a half hours later i woke up and i coudnt move i was really sore and then i saw Franz come out of the bathroom and he said good morning beautiful and i smiled and said im so sore he laughed and said sorry about that. then he went to the bed and we were kissing then he said wait i think u should get some clothes on because i dont want to make u even more sore and then i laughed and said well im just gonna take a shower before i get changed and then he oh well i mine as well join u because i need a shower too and he came in the shower with me and we did it again but this time it hurt a lot more and then i said ok well im gonna get out and go change and then he said ok the towels are on the table and i said i dont need one i have you for that and i winked at him and then he laughed and said ok ill be out in a min and i said ok then i got my bra and panties on and then i got the rest of my clothes on and then i said i think i should go home because my parents are probably gonna go crazy if im gone and he said ok then he dropped me off and i said love you and he yelled i love you more then i smiled and said bye. then i was laughing all the way to my door and i went upstairs to go to sleep and when i opened the door Dylan was there lying naked.... 

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