Dylan and Franz

jennifer has three best friends named katelyn, nia, and Erika. Two of the most wonderful and sweet guys want to be her boyfriend then she chooses Dylan then he broke her heart and Franz helped her up and they fell in love for a while and then he does something wrong and she doesn't trust anyone at that point then Dylan is begging for her trust again and he helped her.

If your interested go on and read it no ones stoping you hope you guys love it
I love you so much:) ~ ily(:


4. the next morning

*text messages*

Dylan: good morning babe:)

Jennifer: hey

Dylan: im so happy I get to talk to you a lot more now

Jennifer: ya, want to hang out today?

Dylan: I cant I have to go to work sorry babe

Jennifer: ok

*my phone beeps*

*kik message from Franz: hey I need to talk to you can u hang today*

I slide my phone screen to unlock and text him back saying sure when he answers back in about like 5 min and I said ok ill meet u at the mall he said k.

*skipping to the mall*

I was waiting for Franz to get to the mall 5 minutes late I saw him and he was walking towards me so I walked to him and said you know I liked u since the begging of the year and u decide now to tell me u like me back! he replies saying u know I was just about to say im sorry about what happened last night right hahaha. I was so embarrassed I cant believe I assumed that and I said oh sorry I thought that you liked me because u kissed me and then what you said last night and I thought that it exist but now I since u said that I guess it doesn't. He smiled it does exist I do like you and I just found out that ur dating Dylan and I now I should have told you earlier but- he got interrupted by my phone I got a text from Dylan I looked at my phone and he said im out of work ill meet you at your house.


Franz said ill take you there and when we got to his car he kissed me and said I hope you feel the same way.

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