Dylan and Franz

jennifer has three best friends named katelyn, nia, and Erika. Two of the most wonderful and sweet guys want to be her boyfriend then she chooses Dylan then he broke her heart and Franz helped her up and they fell in love for a while and then he does something wrong and she doesn't trust anyone at that point then Dylan is begging for her trust again and he helped her.

If your interested go on and read it no ones stoping you hope you guys love it
I love you so much:) ~ ily(:


16. Night time

Me and Dylan couldn't go to sleep so Dylan decided to put a movie on and I was hoping it would be a funny movie but he put a scary movie and it was paranormal activity 4 and then he walked back to the bed and then he laid down and I was sitting with my legs crossed and then there was a scary part and then I gently threw my head on his chest (he was shirtless) and he hugged me and said it's ok I'm here and he laughed then I looked up and smiled and then I looked down and watched the rest of the movies and I felt his lips on my head and then I looked up and I kissed him but then he got on top of me and started kissing me even more then he was kissing me from my head to my feet but I was only in a bra and underwear and then I said while he was kissing my neck that I'm glad we're doing this properly instead of a rape he looked up at me and said I'm so sorry about that I said it's ok then I said I think I should take a shower then he said me too then I said ok and I went to the bathroom and I was naked then he came in naked and I looked away but then I said I thought I was taking a shower first he said oh well then I'll just go back to bed and he looked upset then he started walking to the door and I said wait then I went to him and I out my body against him and I whispered but I don't mind and then he came looked back biting a piece of his lip and he walked towards me and we got in the shower and he would kiss me every wear and I mean everywhere. 

Then we got out of the shower and he got the towel for me and he wrapped it around me and while he was doing that I could feel his buff arms around me and then he whispered let's go to the bed and he unwrapped his arms and went to the bed and I follow but I stopped for a minute and had a thought to my self and I said in my head maybe I should ask my parents when they get home if me and Dylan can go live in a house with my friends and their boyfriends and I said yeah I think I should then I went to Dylan and asked him that question and he liked the idea and so all I need to ask is my parents and then he said know let me do this but better then he said ill be right back. And I said ok then I waited in the shower and then he said ok you can come out and I looked around and he put a bunch of rose petals all over the bed and he put his iPod out I smiled and looked at his and I said aww how sweet then he started blushing and I kissed him then I turned him around and pushed him on the bed and he said ohh we're going to this stage and I laughed then I sat on his lap while he lying down and I kissed him then I went to the side and I went on his chest his toned but yet warm chest and I could feel his heart beating so fast (btw I was in a bra and underwear forgot to mention that earlier) but then I looked down and then I heard the song ride by solo and then I saw stick up he had a boner again and he lifted my head up and he started laughing and said um I don't think you should look down their and I laughed and said why because I gave you a boner and he said well it isn't the first time this happened and I laughed and said I know haha then he lifted me up on him and he said let's make use of that boner. And then things happened 



hey idk if you guys want me to put details into those parts so just tell me if you do I'm counting how many people say yes and how many people say no and I'll take the one for the most votes thanks:)


back to the story 


I woke up and I saw Dylan lying down I looked at the time it was time for me to go back to school and I was late I had to go and while I was getting ready Dylan woke up and he said hey beautiful why are you getting ready and I answered saying I need to go to school then he said oh yeah I'll take you since I just graduated from school and then I said thanks and the when I was leaving he slapped my ass and I laughed he laughed too then we got to the car and he said just call me when to puck you up and I said ok then he gave me a note just in case if they ask why your late and I said omg ur a life saver and he smiled and he said ok I'll see you after work love you then he drove off and I went to the office they just told me to go straight to class and I saw my friend Nia because she's in my first hour and she asked why I was late and I told her what happened and stuff she said ohh la la  my friend got that D. And I laughed then first hour was over then people I never talked to before and stuff then this cute guy walked up to me 

cute guy: your really cute

Me: I have a boyfriend 

cute guy: And I have a math test

me: what?

cute guy: oh I thought we were listing things we could both cheat on 

me: wow look Nia a cheater in his natural habitat 

Then I walked away with Nia to my second hour

Nia: omg you just said that to the most popular guy in school 

me: and I have the most wonderful boyfriends ever

Nia: that's true 

Me: yeah hey I need to ask you katelyn and Erika something really important then she said ok and in 3rd hour I saw them all and I said ok me an Dylan were thinking about getting a house with four rooms 

katelyn: why four?

me: so we could all live there since we're seniors and were about to leave high school in about 2 months. 

Nia: omg that would be so cool

Erika: yeah I get to sleep next to Niall every night 

me: ok so we all agree to it they all nodded there heads ok then it's official 

then I went to dance class and my teacher said that were having a dance performance on January 20th and I was so happy because I loved performing and then it was time to leave school and I called Dylan and he picked me up then we went home to look at house for all of us then we liked this beautiful big house and it had a pool and a theater on the last floor and it had everything a dream house would have then we got that house and I was so happy and we took the tour and we bought it. And then I called my friends and I told the great news and then Dylan said ok well I think it's time to pack up our stud I'll drop you off and just call me when your ready to get picked up because I'm renting a moving truck and I said ok then I got home and I got all my things packed and I called Dylan then we got to the house and we took everything out and we put all our stuff in our room and then we went to pick up my friends and their stuff and we helped them pack then I said ok and in like 9 hours all the stuff was unpacked and then we all went straight to the rooms and we all fell asleep.  

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