Dylan and Franz

jennifer has three best friends named katelyn, nia, and Erika. Two of the most wonderful and sweet guys want to be her boyfriend then she chooses Dylan then he broke her heart and Franz helped her up and they fell in love for a while and then he does something wrong and she doesn't trust anyone at that point then Dylan is begging for her trust again and he helped her.

If your interested go on and read it no ones stoping you hope you guys love it
I love you so much:) ~ ily(:


19. New or old friend?

I'm so happy me and Dylan got to have time "together". And we get more time today because we are all going to the mall.

~~skips to mall~~

ok so all the boys went to the stores they wanted to go and me and my friends went to the stores we liked and the first store we went to was Zumiez. All my friends split up in the store and I went to the shoes part and when I was over there I heard a voice 


i looked back he kinda looked familiar but i don't know who exactly then I said

me: ya?

its me Josh Garcia

me: do I know you 

josh: ya you had like the biggest crush on me since middle school!

me: omg ya, how have you been 

josh: good how about you 

Me: good Haha

josh: what's your kik so we can talk 

he pulled out his phone and got on his kik account to search for me 

me: it's jennylove1312 

josh: ok I'll definitely kik you when I get time 

He gave me a hug and I hugged him to then he let go and left and I walked to my friends and told them what just happened and Erika said you would have freaking fainted if he did that to you in middle school. Then we all laughed and walked out of the store we went to forever 21 and we bought some clothes. And we bought quite a bit of things from forever 21 and victorious secret then we saw the boys and we went to the car. 

~skipping to night time~ 

i was about to go to sleep after thins long day. 


i looked at my phone and it was josh

josh: hey 

me: hey 

josh: what u doin

me: nothing just about to sleep 

josh: I'm watching this movie called the Great Gatsby this is a good movie so far

me: omg I love that movie so much 

josh: I know, I need to ask you a question

me: ok what is it😋

josh: so since we never really talked and now we talk more than we used to I wanted to see if we can hang later because I really want to talk to you a lot more so I can ketchup on what I never got to know about you.

me: idk I think I can try to come but I can't make any promises ok

josh: ok I hope you got time because I want to take you to six flags so we can talk their I mean I get in for free and I got mostly every weekend because I work their so ya.

me: oh that's so cool ok Ill definitely come. Hey I'm gonna go to sleep so I'll see you tomorrow 

josh: bye jlo 

me: lol bye(:

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