Dylan and Franz

jennifer has three best friends named katelyn, nia, and Erika. Two of the most wonderful and sweet guys want to be her boyfriend then she chooses Dylan then he broke her heart and Franz helped her up and they fell in love for a while and then he does something wrong and she doesn't trust anyone at that point then Dylan is begging for her trust again and he helped her.

If your interested go on and read it no ones stoping you hope you guys love it
I love you so much:) ~ ily(:


13. authors note

hey guys sorry I haven't written a chapter in a while I just have been really busy and I didn't have any ideas for a new chapter but I do now so I hope you guys are liking my book so far and thanks to all my readers hopefully you guys didn't stop reading it love you guys😊 also if you can follow me on Instagram my Instagram is _j3nny_lov3_ thanks 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jennifer Lopez ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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