The Story Of My Life (A 5sos & 1D Fan Fic)

Amber is the sister of Ashton Irwin. She your every day teenage girl But thats all about to change. What happens when she goes on tour whit her brother. will she fall in love or fall hard?


2. chapter 2

I walked into star bucks and saw laurel.

Hey amber! Laurel said giving me a hug

Hey laurel!

We walked up to the counter and there was a girl that looked to be our age.

what can i get for you? the girl asked with a smile

I will have the caramel lottie , make that two.

what are your names??

Amber and laurel

We walked away and waited for our drinks.

I can't wait to see luke and ashton!

me to i miss luke alot! laurel said

Amber an laurel we hered our names get called. We got our drinks and sat down.

we takled about random things for about a hour.

Want to go to my  place??? i asked laurel

sure. we got up and walked out

~skip the long walk

We walked up tht front steps, i saw the door was opend a little. we walked in and saw......

a/n let me know what yall think

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