The Story Of My Life (A 5sos & 1D Fan Fic)

Amber is the sister of Ashton Irwin. She your every day teenage girl But thats all about to change. What happens when she goes on tour whit her brother. will she fall in love or fall hard?


1. Chapter 1

     I'm your typical teenage girl, my hair never goes the way I want it and i'm not prefix. My name is amber I'm 17 and live whit my mom and brother Ashton. Ashton and i have always been close, he is your typical brother always looking out for me and always in my business....But i love him Anyway. He is a part of a boy band called 5 seconds of summer, maid up of his friends Luke,Calum and Michael.


I have been missing him so much scents he went on tour with one direction. He calls and video chats me when he can....But it'd not the same. Today me and my best friend laurel are going to hang out. Laurel is Luke's sister. I pulled out my phone and saw i had a tex from her.


From Laurel: Want to go to star bucks??

To Laurel: sure :)

From Laurel: see you in 10

I walked down stairs and walked out the front door on my way to star bucks.I saw my phone light up I Had a tex from Ashton.

From  Ashton:) : Hey sis:) cant wait to see you!! We get our brake soon xxx

To Ashton: YAY! Cant wait Miss you :)

From Ashton :) : Miss you to sis xxx


A/N : hey guys let me know what you think this is my first fan fic

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