Fallen Kingdom: The Afterlife

If the past had changed Harry's destiny, did it? Yes. He is dead, and there is no hope in the Wizarding World. This is in Ginny and George's POV. Note: This is sad.


5. Walking along the same path

Ginny's POV


I'm a sixth year, but technically I'm a twelfth year, since the 4 year olds are considered 'first years' here. I was heading to Care Of Magical Creatures with my best friend Milly and we went to take care of the giants. We had to go into the Forbidden Forest, so we walked in silence along the track. Suddenly, I stopped. There was a Golden Snitch on the ground! Immediately I knew this was Harry's. I told Milly to go on without me, and she left me with the Snitch. Inside was a stone, that looked just like the Resurrection Stone! I turned it thrice in my hand, and there stood Harry. I screamed and started crying.

"Harry, everything..."

He came up and hugged me.

"Ginny, I've missed you. I've been watching over you.' he said.

I looked up into his eyes and replied

"I miss you too."

Harry told me

"Keep the Resurrection Stone, hide it, talk to me every day. I have a plan."

He faded, with the mist.

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