Hi, My names Kiara and im 16. All my life I've been unlucky in romance. I've had quite a few boyfriends (5...) but they've always ended wrong, i'm always being used and tossed away as soon as people feel like it. My hearts been broken to many times to count and now I'm not sure if i can trust another boy again. I always hang out with my friends, don't get me wrong their like sisters but i prefer to sit alone sometimes and just think, Why me?
But there's always a special someone
Isn't there?


1. Prologue

Kiara's P.O.V


People always tell me to follow a star. Well my stars always point me in the wrong direction, forever going to the wrong places and getting lost. 1 step forward 5 steps back my mum always told me.  

Why do i try? I always get used and broken like a china doll, 
"Don't let her fall unless you plan to catch her"  
I've fallen too many times to care and so now I'm making a stand. Forever the bridesmaid never the bride.
So sad, yet so true. But i guess that's just me. I'm always the negative one, but can you blame me? 5 boyfriends and i always end up  being tossed away like trash. 
I guess they see me as a bad luck charm, a jinx.   


I mean honestly I'm 16 and i haven't even had my first kiss yet...  Well I'm not pretty or anything so i already know why:

Brunette hair

Blue eyes

Not very skinny

A tomboy


Yeah not the attractive one out of my friends.  My best friend is GORGEOUS she has blonde hair that's turning slightly brunette, Hazel eyes, Skinny, and tanned but also the same as me a tomboy. The only major difference is that every boy wants her.


But anyway heres my story..

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