Love is blind. Well, so am I.

Capri Sun faced the worst experience any child could go through at age five. People feel pity for her, but she does not. Capri has been facing the world as she is; a blind young woman. Since that day, when she felt a tap on her shoulder, her point of view changed forever. Capri learned that she might never know how “love at first sight” feels, but she does have the chance to love.
Unlike her, Justin was able to experience love at first sight. He knew she was the one for him. - "Would you seriously give me and everyone up for a blind girl with no sight?" - Even though Capri had no idea what Justin looked like, there was no doubt that she wanted him more than anyone. Love is, indeed, Blind.
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4. Talkative Caitlin

"So, yah. I'm really glad you came. To be honest, I was kind of getting tired of Kirsten being the only girl here that's coming on Justin's tour -along with me,of course. But like, don't get me wrong, I love Kirsten and all that but she's kinda like annoying. And I'm tired of having to hear the same stories she tells over and over again. I mean, I'm excited you could join us to the pool. You seem ... interesting. As in life, that is. I mean, your so mysterious and the first girl who doesn't like Justin. Every girl is like sooo onto him whenever they see him. But unlike the other girls, you caught his eyes instead of the other way. I have a feeling you don't like him. But he's a nice guy, you know?" I listened and held her hand while we walked and she ran her mouth about crap. 

"Hm." Was all I said. Luckily, she held my hand as we walked. Thank God she did. If she hadn't, I would have probably been tripping and stumbling all over the place without the help from my iPhone. I smiled up at her -whoever she really was. "Oh, I'm sorry. I never got a chance to catch your name." She laughed, "I'm Caitlin Beadles." "It's fine." I offered another smile, "I'm Capri Sun." There was silence as we walked. Obviously, I had caught her by surprise at my weird name. "My parents named the juice after me." I added after I hesitated annoyed. Personally, I don't get the big deal about my name. It's just a name. But to some people, it's funny. "Ah! How lucky." Caitlin said excitedly, "Anyway, Justin and the guys, plus the crew will be here in like five minutes. I'm sure Pattie and Kirsten will be here in ten minutes since you know how girls are to get ready."

"Who are they, exactly?" I found myself asking. Silence once again filled the air and I officially knew I asked something stupid. "You don't know who they are?" She stopped walking and I did too. I predicted she was going to face me and call me crazy. But instead, she took the towel from me and said, "You can take this chair." Chair? I felt a tiny splash of water come at me as I heard 'CANNONNNBALL!'. Aha, so we were at the pool. To seem normal, I sat down and then lied downon the chair, getting ready for an extreame tan"Who is Justin?" I asked as my eyes were closed and I felt the heat of the sun hit my bikini ass body. "What? You seriously don't know who he is?" Caitlin took my silence as a yes, "Well, he's Justin Bieber. Only the most famous teenage guy in the world. Every girl is, like obssessed with him. And um, the crew, they work for Justin but they're also like family. There are so many and I'm lazy to name them all. But you'll meet them once they get here. The guys are Justin's friends. Which include; Chaz Somers, Ryan Butler, Christian Beadles-my brother-, Cody Simpson, and there is many more. They are pretty cool. I heard Cody has a crush on you. Or was it my brother? I'm not sure. Anyway, Pattie Mallette is Justin's mom. Kirsten Rodeheaver -the girl I was talking to you about- appeared on Justin's first music video..." And she went on and on. The minute she had said the first word, I knew I made a mistake asking anything at all. 

While Caitlin kept talking, I replayed a Jazz song in my head. It soothed me and took the stress off my shoulders. And Caitlin's conversation? It's stressingthe hell out of me. I kept replaying the song in my head until I heard a voice. The same voice that had caught my attention earlier. The same voice that I thought was sexy, "Hey girls!" I heard footsteps. They were getting closer and closer. I guess there are 8 pairs of feet? Or is that over capacity? 

Then Justin spoke, "Hey there cutie pie." I kept replaying the Jazz song in my head. But when a few minutes past, I realized the 'Hey' from Justin was for me. "Oh, hi." I said. Keeping my eyes closed, I reached out for the towel- not knowing where is was- and put it over me. "I'm Alfredo." Said the voice. The voice that had got me going crazy. That was the sexy voice. Alfredo. "Heya. I'm Capri." I smiled but kept my eyes closed. Couldn't take my chances of opening my eyes and them getting suspicions. Mostly because if I did open my eyes, I'd have to act as if the sun's bliding me, and squint my eyes.

"I'm Christian." "I'm Chaz." "I'm Tyler." "I'm.." And on and on they went. Turns out, there was like twenty kids here. And lastly to speak was Ryan. "Hey.. I'm.. uh.. Ryan." I smiled politely at his shyness. Somehow, I could sense he was attracted to me. "Let's jump in the pool." I heard Caitlin said. In less than three seconds, I heard footsteps and splashes of water. I laughed but kept my eyes close. Unexpectedly, I felt two hands touch my shoulders. Then, slowly, they started massaging them. Who did this person think they were"What the hell?" I slapped the pair of hands off and stood up pissed at whoever was putting moves on me.

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