Love is blind. Well, so am I.

Capri Sun faced the worst experience any child could go through at age five. People feel pity for her, but she does not. Capri has been facing the world as she is; a blind young woman. Since that day, when she felt a tap on her shoulder, her point of view changed forever. Capri learned that she might never know how “love at first sight” feels, but she does have the chance to love.
Unlike her, Justin was able to experience love at first sight. He knew she was the one for him. - "Would you seriously give me and everyone up for a blind girl with no sight?" - Even though Capri had no idea what Justin looked like, there was no doubt that she wanted him more than anyone. Love is, indeed, Blind.
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3. Tag

"Room service." Called someone after knocking twice. I jumped off the bed and memorized my way to the door I opened it without any difficulty and stood there awkwardly. "Did you want a banana split?" Asked the man who I guessed stood in front of me. I nodded and smiled. "I'll just leave it for you here on top of the coffee table." He announced. I once again nodded.

I thought he would've left and all but I didn't hear the door closed. So, I spoke up, "Anything else?" I went toward my king sized bed and lied down. "Can I say something?" I nodded once again and fixed my eyes on the T.V.- not really watching. "You're beautiful." I heard him say. I felt my cheeks go bright red. I ignored his comment and kept 'watching' T.V. "Enjoy your banana split." He said. I thanked him and I felt his body moving toward the door"Wait!" I called out. A few seconds of silence passed so I assumed he was looking at me. "Can you do me a favor? Can you tell me what this phone number is. I... uh.. left my glasses at home." I felt him approach my bed. He sat at the corner and I held out my hand to where I felt movement. He told me the number and said his goodbyes. I thanked him again and recorded Justin's phone numberNo, I didn't plan on calling him. He was a stranger. Someone so full of themselves that had the nerve to come up to me and ask if I wanted an autograph from him. I have no idea who he was or how he looked like. 

I put my iPhone4 down and reached for my banana split. I was about to put the first scoop of ice cream in my mouth but someone knocked on my door just then. "Who is it?" I asked loudly out the door without really opening it. No answer. I went back to my bed and, once again, was about to put the first scoop of ice cream in my mouth, but someone knocked once again. Angry and frusturated that my banana split was probably melted, I set it down and walked toward the door. I opened it and took two steps out of my room, unsure if to go farther... I didn't want to seem lost. "Whoever it is knocking on my door, please stop it. I can't take it." I said loud and clear. I didn't and couldn't see if anyone was in the hallway or listening to me. Who cared, right?

"Oh, I'm sorry. I thought no one was staying there. We thought this floor was reserved for the crew only." I heard a male voice speak up. I sensed the voice coming from my right a few steps in front. So, to seem normal, I looked over to my right. "Um..." I didn't know what to say. "Hey, there." Spoke another voice. This voice, I recognized. "May I help you, weird-o?" I placed my hands over my hips and stood all 'peppy cheerleader' way, waiting for Justin to talk again. "Look, sweetheart, we are very sorry for annoying you. We were just playing tag around the hallway. Want.. to, uh, join?" Another male voice jumped up. Somehow, that voice got my interest. No idea how, but I found it... sexy? How many guys were here, anyway?

"Sorry. I don't play little kids stuff." I rolled my eyes and was about to go back to my room. Honestly, I didn't know where to look at now. There were so many guys talking that I wondered if I looked like a lost puppy. "Awh, the little girl is too mature?" I heard Justin's voice say. He said it like he was talking to a baby. I rolled my eyes once again, "Whatever." I turned around, about to retrace my steps to get back in the room. But a hand took a hold of my arm and squeezed it very lightly. I turned to face whoever was in front of me. The hand as soft, somehow fragile. This was the hand of a girl. "Come on. You can play with us." She said. I couldn't know how she looked like, but judging by her voice, I bet she was really beautiful.

"I can't." I whispered. "Okay, then if you don't want to, you can come to the pool with us. We were just heading there anyway." Again, the voice that had caught my attention and I thought was sexy spoke up. "Um, thanks, but no." I said apologetically. I felt the warm hand still holding my arm. "Honey, you look down. Come on. We are not going to hurt you. Do we look like bad people?" I heard an angelic voice say. It was a female's voice. Much for a 30 year old. But it was beautiful.

I felt tears forming and threatening to escape my eyes the minute the woman asked if they looked like bad people. To not show my eyes filled with water, I nodded. "Be ready in ten." Said a voice. A female voice. I nodded once again and went inside my room to get readyI have no idea what I was doing. No idea why I was going with some strangers I don't know to the pool. It was confusing, yet somehow, I saw myself- or felt myself- getting ready to go.

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