Love is blind. Well, so am I.

Capri Sun faced the worst experience any child could go through at age five. People feel pity for her, but she does not. Capri has been facing the world as she is; a blind young woman. Since that day, when she felt a tap on her shoulder, her point of view changed forever. Capri learned that she might never know how “love at first sight” feels, but she does have the chance to love.
Unlike her, Justin was able to experience love at first sight. He knew she was the one for him. - "Would you seriously give me and everyone up for a blind girl with no sight?" - Even though Capri had no idea what Justin looked like, there was no doubt that she wanted him more than anyone. Love is, indeed, Blind.
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1. iHelpBlind

I heard loud screaming. The kind of screaming that blocks your ears while you're driving and makes you get hit by a car. Yes, that kind of screaming. I couldn't figure out if it was just a group of girls screaming or millions. Maybe if I could see, I wouldn't be so lost. That's the thing; hearing guides me. It's the one and only miracle that is left in me which helps me walk toward the direction I want to go. How do you think I haven't gotten hit by a car? I may be blind, but not deaf.

"Your name?" Asked the little squeaky voice. My ears, and the way I heard, figured out she was standing behind the desk. I held my head high and acted as if I could see her face, "Capri Sun." There was an awkward silence. It doesn't worry me. It actually has happened to me before. People think I'm always joking about my name. Just because my name is like the juice, 'CapriSun' except my first name is Capri and my last name is Sun. I added, "My parents own the CapriSun company. They named the juice after me." Typing something in the keyboard, I predicted that she nodded and continued checking me in. I acted as if I had sight and was looking around. I moved my neck to the right. Then to the left, casually. All I saw was blackness, but to some people who actually don't know I'm blind, think I see them.

"Can I take a picture with you?" Asked a girl a few feet away from me. Her voice was full of excitement and shyness. I held my head high acting as if I was studying what the woman was doing on the computer, but really just listening to the noises around me. "Sure, cupcake." Replied a voice. This voice belonged to a boy. It was low and full of pride but there was a hint of pitchness. I heard a camera snap and the girl that I'd heard earlier say 'Thank you' and giggle. 

"Here you are. You are reserved for Room 409, one of our two best rooms, by your parents. Are their names Claire and Trevor Sun?" Asked the lady in front of me- or so I guessed she was. I nodded my head, "Yes. They had to send me at the scheduled time and said they'll catch up to me when they are done taking care of some business." "You are here alone?" I nodded my head once again and smiled. "Here is your room card. I will give you a duplicate just in case." Spoke the lady. A few seconds passed and I kept wondering why she was so quiet. "OH!" I said in an 'Ooops' voice. I held my hand and waited for the lady to put the room cards in my palm. I wasn't able to reach out because I didn't know exactly where she was holding them. I felt two smooth cards in my palm. I put them in my pocket and thanked the lady. I turned around and took five spaces.

One, two, three, four, five.

I stopped there and took out my phone which was in my back pocket. I finally found the middle button of the iPhone and turned it on. Mine was professionally made. It had traits other phones didn't. I felt a warm minty air coming at me. Of course, I couldn't see what it was, so I just ignored it. I turned my back to the minty air and put my phone in iHelpBlind. "Where do I go to get to the elevator?" I asked. I kept my voice quiet so no one would hear. In my earphones, the respond blasted,"Take five steps straight."

One, two, three, four, five.

"Take three steps to the right." Said the robotic voice.

One, two, three.

"Push the button that is 12 inches away from you." It directed me. My iPhone was made for the blind. It had blueprints of every place built in the world. If I asked a question of where to go, it will tell me exactly how many steps I needed to take and to where. I figure if I get this iPhone instead of a stick, it would make me look like less of a weird-o. I held out my hand and was about to push a button but I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around. I was looking to every direction, trying to find where the figure who tapped me was. 

"Um, did you want an autograph, beautiful?" Asked a voice. I turned my head to make it look like I was looking at him. The voice was the same one I heard earlier. The boy's voice. "Why would I want one?" I asked curiously. "I don't know you." I could still hear the screaming that there was outside. Why was there so much ruckus?
"Well, didn't you just walk up to me? I mean, you walked up right at me. Almost touching chest to chest. You must've wanted something." He said sounding as though he was the smartest thing on earth. I could feel his breath come and interact with my face. His breath smelled minty and cool. Was that the air I felt? Yep, it was. I was one step away from him and didn't even notice. "I'm sorry. Mistake of mine." I said quickly. I turned around and pushed the button. After two seconds, the door opened. 

"Take three steps, turn around, and push button number five in front of you." I did as my iHelpBlind said. I heard the elevator doors close and up we went."I'm scared of elevators, you know? I normally don't do this for gorgeous girls." Until now, I noticed the boy got in with me too.


Hey guys! I just wanna tell you that the first 4 chapters aren't mine. Why? Well they are from 'Mararina' from justinbieberfanfiction, she started this story in 2011 but she never finished it. So, I will. I hope you like it guys! Bye!

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