The concert that changed my life

Hi my names Nicole and I'm 17 years old! I get to go to a One Direction concert and what happens if I get the chance to meet a certain Irish boy?!? Will we find true love or will they're be devastation and destruction?


34. What the hell?

It is now Monday morning and I have been dreading this day for the past two days. I managed to keep away from Taylor coming up with some lame excuse that I had a doctors appointment that I forgot about.

I spent the past two days just planning my revenge against her. But for now I have to just go on like nothing has changed. Which really sucks because she is still driving me to school.

Luckily I have soccer practice after school so I get some kind of break from her. I get up out of bed and find that my dad's already left for work and my mom is still asleep upstairs. My dad works for some insurance company and my mom is a substitute teacher along with working at a tennis club.

I change real fast and grab my makeup and run down the stairs just in time to catch Taylor pulling into my driveway. I walk outside and see her talking to my neighbor Ms. Hartenstein.

I hop in the car and wait for them to finish talking before she finally starts the car and we make our way to school. I start to do my makeup so I have some excuse on why I'm not talking to her.

"You seem awfully quiet this morning." I hear her say while keeping her eyes on the rode except to steal a quick glance at me. Well I guess my makeup plan didn't work.

"Ya I'm just really tired." I quickly come up with an excuse.

"In fact you've been really quiet the last couple days. I haven't heard from you since I left Saturday morning."

"Ya sorry about that I've just been really busy. You know catching up with other friends and hanging with my parents." Hanging with my parents? Like she'd ever believe that.

"Oh ok well I'm really glad your back." Ya so it's easy for her to torture me. I just smile and keep quiet the rest of the way to school.

As soon as we get there I jump out and make up a lie that I have to get in early to talk to a teacher. I run inside and just walk around the hallways until it's time for the bell to ring.

"Hey Nicole wait up!" I whip around to find Megan running towards me.

"Hey girl what's up?" I'm actually really glad to see her. I need to spend time with my other friends.

We continue to talk for a couple minutes and we are soon joined by Sabrina and our other friend Mya. We hear the bell ring and all go our separate ways to our homerooms.

I can't stop thinking about Taylor and this mystery guy she was talking to. Is it someone from our school? Maybe they met over the summer? But if that's true why would he be after me? No it has to be someone from our school. Maybe if I watch Taylor for a little bit i'll see her talking to someone or she'll give clues on who this guy is. It's time for Nicole to become a detective.

And I did just that I followed her around all day except when we had separate classes from each other. When we were together I causally looked at her phone every time it vibrated to see if I could get a glimpse of the message but it was never from him.

The end of the day came pretty fast and it was time for me to go to soccer practice. I went into the locker room and quickly got changed waiting for my friends Starr and Maddie to come out.

As you can probably tell by now I hang out with pretty much everyone. I get along with them at least so I have a good amount of friends. Definitely not a lot that I am close with but I at least hang out with them once in a while.

When we are all ready we run out onto the field and start doing our stretches.

"So tell us Nicole how was London?" Starr asks while doing lunges.

"It was a lot of fun. Niall took me site seeing and we walked around the pier one night. It was amazing."

"I'm sure it was." Maddie says while winking at me. All three of us just start laughing.

Practice continues on and we do drill after drill after drill. As you can tell my coach really loves doing drills. Just then I see something that catches me eye. It's Taylor running across the parking lot. I quickly run over to the gate to see what she's doing. I then see her getting into someone's car. I try and get a closer look when the person rolls down the window and I see...

What the hell?



Ahh! I know I'm horrible leaving you at a cliff hanger like this! I promise you I will update soon though! Maybe tomorrow? Well thanks again to all my readers and people who take the time commenting and telling me to update. I love it when I get on and see I have a new comment!

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