The concert that changed my life

Hi my names Nicole and I'm 17 years old! I get to go to a One Direction concert and what happens if I get the chance to meet a certain Irish boy?!? Will we find true love or will they're be devastation and destruction?


17. What are you doing here?

Nicole's POV

Niall has just left for a moment because he got an unexpected call from his mom, or as he calls her mum. It's so cute with his Irish accent, I melt everytime he speaks. I guess that's what love is. Whoah wait did I say love? I mean I really like him but love? I never thought about it before.

I decided to think about it later and go find the guys. I see Liam sitting by himself so I decide to go give him some company. As I start to walk over someone steps in my way.

"Hello Nicole." I know that voice but it couldn't be could it?


"Oh my gosh what are you doing here?" I ask while giving him a small hug.

"I'm visiting some family what about you?" That question made me stop and think should I tell him about Niall? I mean it's not like we were ever a thing we talked like twice so why not.

"I'm here visiting my boyfriend." His face remained nuetral as if he didn't hear me or he was just unaffected by what I just said.

Jason's POV

Boyfriend? Just hearing that made me want to rip his head off! I have to pretend like I don't care. How else will I get Nicole back?

"Ah I see is he here I'd love to meet him?" What I really mean is that I'd love to punch his face in.

"He just stepped outside for a moment but he'll be back." She sounded so cheerful nows my chance. 

"Well then may I trouble you for a dance?" She smiled at me as she said "I'd love to!" I pull her out on the dance floor making sure I was facing the door. Luckily it was a slow song so I was able to be closer to her. Just then I know nows my chance and I crash my lips into hers. She had the sweetest softest lips.

Nicole's POV

Jason asked me to dance so I thought what could it hurt? He knows I have a boyfriend. I agree and it is a slow song so we are fairly close together. Just then I look up and I feel his lips crash on to mine. It took me a second to realize what was going on but when I did I was furious. I pulled away quick and before I had the chance to yell at him I saw who was standing behind him.



Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Thank you for continuing to read this story! Good job Maddy for guessing right on who the stranger was. So far Maddy is the only one who has commented on this story! She said she likes it which I am grateful for but one person's opinion is not enough for me to judge what you guys think. So please comment! I can take constructive critism just don't be mean. If you have an idea of someone I should add to the story or if you yourself want to be in the story comment and let me know! Thanks again you guys and have a wonderful day!


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