The concert that changed my life

Hi my names Nicole and I'm 17 years old! I get to go to a One Direction concert and what happens if I get the chance to meet a certain Irish boy?!? Will we find true love or will they're be devastation and destruction?


14. Telling the Rents and other stuff

Nicole's POV

Last night was the best birthday ever! I had all my friends and my amazing boyfriend. He's coming by in a couple of minutes and we have decided that we should tell my parents. He also said that he has my birthday present with him. I wonder what it is. Knowing him it's probably something really exspensive that I will refuse to take at first but then he will make me.

Just then a doorbell pulls me out of my thoughts and I run downstairs to get it. I open the door and their standing is Niall. I look at him and he looks so nice.

He is wearing a pair of khaki's and a button down shirt. Aww he wanted to look good for telling my parents! The guys are also with him. Probably for moral support. Haha he looks so nervous it's quite cute actually.

I give him a hug and whisper in his ear "Your cute when your nervous!" He just hugs me tighter and then we pull away.

I tell them we have to tell my sister first, since after all she is my sister and I tell her everything. I grab Niall's hand and drag him upstairs to my sister's room. The guys follow shortly behind.

I knock on her door and wait until I hear "Come in." From the other side.

I walk in and ask if we can talk. "Sure sweety sit down." That's when I pull Niall in and the look on her face was priceless! It was so funny her mouth just hung open!

"Ashley I would like you to meet Niall my boyfriend." She just continued to stare at the both of us.

After a couple of seconds she decides to speak. "Your boyfriend?"

That's all she says and I just laugh to my self. All the guys walk in and all Ashely does is stare at them. I tell her the story and by the end she has a huge smile on her face.

"That is so cute!" She squeals.

"Well now I have to go tell mom and dad." She looks at Niall and all she says is "Good Luck!"

That's when Niall really looked nervous. I just ignore his nervs and walk to the family room where surprisingly my mom and dad are both sitting on the couch.

"Hey guys can I talk to you for a minute."

"Oh boy what do you want?" my dad asks.

"No I don't want anything."

That's when all the guys walk in. "Oh no did we forget to pay you?" my mom asks.

"No no last night was just a favor no need to pay us." Louis says with a smile on his face.

"Mom, dad I want you to meet Niall my boyfriend." That's when my dad stands up and Niall steps forward.

"It's nice to meet you sir." You can hear the nervs in his voice but he still sounds strong.

"It's nice to meet you too." They shake hands and that's when my dad says "Why don't you give me and Niall some time to talk."

"Ok!" I give Niall's hand a reasurring squeeze and then walk off with the rest of the guys.

Niall's POV

I'm so nervous, he wants to talk alone with me. My head is spinning I almost didn't hear his question. "So your in a band?"

"Yes sir" I'm trying to sound strong but I don't think it's working. 

"You live in London right?"

"Yes sir." I feel like that's all I can say.

"You seem like a very nice young man. And the fact that you live in London doesn't hurt." That's when surprisingly we both laugh.

"Thank you sir!" We shake hands one more time and I walk off to go find Nicole.

Nicole's POV

I'm sitting their nervously with the guys. Why are they taking so long? I hope he doesn't scare Niall away! That's when I see Niall turn the corner and walk in to the living room with me and the guys.

I jump up and give him a hug. I pretend to look him over "Oh thank gosh he didn't kill you!"

We all just laugh at me making fun of his nervs from earlier.

"Very funny and no he didn't kill me he's actually pretty cool."

I'm so happy they got along! Niall then pulls me out of the room.

"What is it?" Now I'm the one all nervous.

"I never gave you your birthday present." He hands me an envolope. I open it up and see 1 round trip ticket to... LONDON!

OMG I cannot believe this right now! I jump up into Niall's waiting arms. "This is the best present anyone could give me! This must of cost a fortune! I don't know if I can take it!"

"You can and you will! Besides it leaves tomorrow so you kinda have to go!" He smiles a cheeky smile at me!

"Ok!" I hug him more and pull away just to have our lips meet. I can feel him smile into the kiss which just makes me smile.

Now all there's left to do is convince my parents to let me go. Wow what a day!



Thanks again to all my readers I've almost reached 100 in just a little over a week! I'm so happy and thanks all of you! But like I say almost every chapter please comment! I'm sorry if that's redundant but I need new ideas in case I run out soon. Please keep liking and favoriting. I know I keep asking think of you but I will keep updating and that's my gift back to you!

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