The concert that changed my life

Hi my names Nicole and I'm 17 years old! I get to go to a One Direction concert and what happens if I get the chance to meet a certain Irish boy?!? Will we find true love or will they're be devastation and destruction?


51. Party!

I wake up to Niall next to me and I remember that today is my graduation party! I'm so excited all my friends are coming including all the guys plus Eleanor. My family's coming as well like aunts and uncles. They will finally get the chance to meet Niall! I nudge Niall awake because I'm too excited to sleep anymore.

"Huh?" He says sleepily.

"Today's the party get up!" I say kicking him so he will get up.

"It's not until 3." He says turning over.

That's when I decide to get on top of him straddling him with his back still towards me.

"Now GET UP!" I yell hoping it will do the trick.

But instead he rolls over so I fall off and he rolls on top of me.

"But what if I want to stay in bed with you?" He says seductively kissing behind my ear.

"Well you can't so come on!" I push him off and quickly get up before he has the chance to pull me back down.

It's been 10 minutes and Niall finally decides to come down. I have already eaten and all the guys came early plus Eleanor to help set up. Niall walks behind me and puts his arms around my neck and kisses the top of my head.

"Look who finally decided to show up!" Louis says and everyone starts laughing.

"Haha very funny! Well you weren't up until 2 in the morning last night!" Niall says back as he sits down and I put a cup of coffee in front of him which he gives me a peck on the lips as a thank you.

It is now 2:30 and everyone is running around trying to get changed and put the last minute changes to the backyard where the party will be. Eleanor, my sister Ashley, and I are up in my room doing our hair and makeup. Ashley is curling my hair while El is doing my makeup.

"I feel like royalty!" I say which earns a laugh from the two of them.

"Ya well this is your party so you must look absolutley amazing!" My sister says and El nods her head in agreement.

We walk downstairs just as our first guests are arriving which happenes to be Taylor and her family. Taylor and I hug and gush over how amazing each other looks and then she runs off to go see Harry.

The party is really going now and everyone seems to be having a great time dancing to the music and eating food. Just then the music stops and I see Niall up on stage.

"Hello everybody! Thank you so much for coming and helping us celebrate Nicole's graduation! Now as one of her presents the guys and I are going to perform a song for her."

That's when I see all the guys walk out and they start to sing the song The Story of my Life! As they sing you can see this slide show of pictures of me when I was little come on behind them. There's one of my first day of school. I'm smiling big into the camra with my sister and brother on either side.

The slide show continues and it is now on when I'm in highschool. There are pictures of me at soccer and ones of me and my friends. Then the next one comes on and it's of me and Niall when we were in London. You can hear everyone go awe as they see the picture. Then it ends with one of me and everyone at graduation. And I mean everyone like all the guys, my family, and  Taylor and her family.

Everyone claps at the end and I run up on stage to Niall.

"That was beautiful!" I say as he embraces me into a big hug. We let go and the dj goes back to playing music. I grab Niall's hand and pull him away from everyone else.

"Now this I didn't want anyone to see." I say right before I crash my lips into his and pull him closer to me by the hem of his shirt. He backs me into a wall and we continue to kiss for another minute or so. I pull apart and we are both out of breath "we should head back before they notice we are gone." I say and drag him back to the party.

Everyone has now left minus the boys except for Harry who went with Taylor. "Well honey that was a great party! I'm gonna head up to bed!" My mom says as she hugs me and then heads upstairs with my dad.

I turn to Niall and he holds both my hands. Then he lets go of one hand and reaches behind him and I see Louis hand him something.

"This is for you!" He says as he hands me a small box.

"Aw Niall you shouldn't have!" I say as I open up the box and see diamond earrings along with a bracelet that matches the necklace he gave me. "Niall... it's... it's... beautiful! But this is too much!" I say and try to hand it back to him.

He just picks up the bracelet and clasps it around my wrist. "I love you!" He says and I start to feel my eyes get watery just from those words.

"I love you too!" Niall wipes a few stray tears away.

"Well actually I have some good news as well." I say looking up at his expectant face.

"I got in to Penn State main campus!"

"What!!!! That's awesome that's your dream school!" He yells obviously excited.

"I'm not going." His face drops and a look of concern and surprise take it's place.

"What? What do you mean your not going? You've been dreaming of this school for ever!"

"I know but it turns out I found a better offer." He looks at me confused as he awaits to hear the better offer.

"Instead of going to Penn State I will be attending the University of London!" I say and his face looks completely shocked.

"WHAT!!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS!" I just nod as he picks me up and spins me around!

"Are you sure though? Like I said Penn State was your dream school!"

"My dream school is where ever you are!" I say and he picks me up once again and then calls the guys over to tell the good news.

They all congratualate me and we all decide to turn in for the night.

I can't believe I will get the chance to spend college five minutes away from Niall and all my friends!This year couldn't get better!


So there we have it the end of A Concert that Changed my Life! I know it's sad but don't worry because there WILL be a sequel! I'm not sure when I will start it but hopefully soon! Thank you all for the support and I will post an authors note on here when I have the first chapter of the sequel up!

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