The concert that changed my life

Hi my names Nicole and I'm 17 years old! I get to go to a One Direction concert and what happens if I get the chance to meet a certain Irish boy?!? Will we find true love or will they're be devastation and destruction?


26. How could you man?

Niall's POV

What? Did Nicole just tell me that my best friend kissed her? That can't be true! But, why would she lie?

"He kissed you?" That's all I can get to come out right now. She just nods and puts her head in her hands.

"Did you kiss back?" I wouldn't be able to handle it if the answer was yes. That's when she shoots her head up and grabs my hands "No of course not I love you!"

I feel a little smile play at my lips until I hear all the boys downstairs laughing and all the anger just fills my body. I get up and head for the door when I feel Nicole grab my hand "Babe please don't do this! I don't like him, I love you, that's all that matters!"

Seeing the tears in her eyes almost makes me stop. But then I realize it was Harry who caused her tears and I can't let him get away with that! I rip my hand out of her grip and head downstairs.


Nicole's POV

I can't let him do something stupid! They are best friends after all! I run downstairs trying to stop him. I reach him right as I see him spin Harry around and punch him right in the face.

I guess I'm too late. Liam and Zayn grab Niall and hold him back while Louis checks to see if Harry's ok.

"How could you man?" Niall screams with tears in his eyes. I look down at Harry and he has a bloody lip. Harry gets up with the help of Louis while the guys still hold Niall back. Harry looks at me and than Niall and realizes what he's talking about.

"Listen let's talk outside." Harry gestures for Niall to go outside.

"Oh, you don't want the guys to know how you kissed my girlfriend!" All the guys stop and look at Harry. Niall rips out of Liam and Zayn's grip.

"We are done! We might be in a band together and we might work together but we will NEVER be friends again!" Niall storms off back upstairs to his room and you can hear the door slam.

Harry then runs outside and you can hear the start of his engine. I just stare at everyone and break down right there in the middle of the living room. I feel an arm wrap around me and look up to see Liam there helping me to the couch. The other guys sit down facing me with Liam still holding me while I cry into his chest. Zayn is the one to speak up first "What happened?"


Harry's POV

I can't believe what just happened! Nicole told Niall, Niall told me we are no longer friends, how did everything get so messed up? Oh I know I just had to kiss her!

I know she has feelings for me too but I guess I will never know because she probably hates me too. Along with all the other guys! I mean the way they all looked at me, man I even hate me. I just had to get away. So I hopped into my car and drove to the nearest pub. At least drinking will help ease some of the pain.



Hey guys! So what did ya think? Do you think Niall and Harry can every be friends again? What would you do if you found out your best friend kissed your boyfriend/girlfriend? I personally don't know if I could ever be friends with them again! Just comment and let me know what you think. I love getting on here and seeing all your amazing comments. They just make my day, which I know most authors say that or well all do! But really I didn't even have the motivation to wright until I saw all the comments! I'm looking for new stories to read so if you have one please comment me them. Well enough of my rant, I hope you enjoyed this chapter!

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