The concert that changed my life

Hi my names Nicole and I'm 17 years old! I get to go to a One Direction concert and what happens if I get the chance to meet a certain Irish boy?!? Will we find true love or will they're be devastation and destruction?


28. Getting Exposed

Nicole's POV

It's been a couple days since the whole Harry issue and believe it or not things are going really well. Niall and I have been going really strong and we just celebrated our 2 months.

The boys have been working a lot lately which is really cool that I am able to see them perform and record new stuff. Sadly, I leave tomorrow. These past two weeks have flown by and I feel like I have just gotten here.

Niall is in the shower right now and we have decided that we are going to go out tonight for dinner just us two. I can't wait! Every second I'm with him is like the best time of my life.

Which I know, sounds cheesy right? But, if you felt the way I do right now you'd understand. Just then Niall steps out of the bathroom in just a towel. Man he looks hot.

"Like what you see?" He smirks at me.

"Eh" I knew saying that would get something out of him.

"Just eh?" He continued to get closer until he was right in front of me looking down at me.

"Ya I mean have you seen Louis? I can go get him so we can compare if you want." This just caused his face  to change from the smirk to a more devilish smile.

He then closed the gap between us by getting on top of me. Just looking at him caused me to bite my lower lip. He smirked once again before pressing his lips to mine. He touched his tounge to my bottom lip asking for entrance which I happily obliged.

We continued to kiss for a few more minuted before I was the one to break it up. "You're getting me all wet."

"Oh I know I am." He once agin had that smirk on.

"No I mean your towel is getting me soaked." He loooked down and sure enough my shirt had a huge wet circle on it. I push him off of me and go over to grab a dry shirt. I pull off my wet one all the while knowing Niall's eyes haven't left me.

"You like what you see?" Ha I can play Niall's own game. The next I know is I feel his arms wrap around my body kissing my neck.


I am now downstairs with all the guys watching some movie I forgot the name of. All I know is it is a scary movie and I hate and I mean hate scary movies.

This whole time my head has been in Niall's chest so I couldn't see it and his arm was wrapped securely around me. He was rubbing soothing circles on my back to calm me down.  "Sh babe it's ok." Just hearing his voice made me feel better. But definitely not enough to make me watch the stupid movie.


It is now 6 o'clock and Niall and I are getting ready for our date. Niall is in Harry's room talking with the guys about tonight and I am in my room with Eleanor. That's right I, Nicole Johnson met Eleanor Calder. We met two days ago when she came over to be with Louis. She is actually really cool and didn't get upset when I like fan girled about meeting her. Louis and her are hanging here tonight so she offered to help me get ready.

"What shoes?" I held out my silver heels and my black ones.

"Hmm I'd say... Black." She says while pointing to the correct ones.

I personally don't like wearing heels I think they hurt my feet too much. But hey, I wasn't going to show up wearing tennis shoes either! El then helps me with my make up since usually my sister was the one who did all this for me.

"Thank you for all of this." I smile at her in the mirror.

"No problem I'm having alot of fun." She smiled back at me.

"There you go all done!" She finished the last touch and then I stood up and looked at the floor length mirror. Wow I looked amazing. "You look beautiful." I hugged her trying not to let the tears fall and ruin all her hard work.


I walk down stairs and see Niall standing their in a suit with out the jacket. He comes to the end of the stairs and holds his arm out to me. I feel like one of those women in the olden days being courted.

"You look beautiful!" He whispered in my ear as we walked to his car. He opened the door for me and waited until I was seated to close it. He quickly hopped in the other side and took off down the drive way.

"So are you going to tell me where we are going?" He never does and it is really frustrating! He just simply shakes his head. Hmpp what I thought.


We get to this beautiful italian restaurant 20 minutes later and once again he opened the door for me and offered me his arm. We get inside and right away are escorted to a table in the back for a little more privacy.

We talk the entire dinner not once being filled with silence which I loved. The great thing about me and Niall is we both love to talk and we never run out of things to say.

The dinner ends way to soon in my opinion and it is only 8:30 so we decide to walk around some. There is this beautiful park by the restaurant so we go and Niall pushes me on the swing.

"I wish this would never end." I think this out loud while I'm swinging. "Me too." I look back at him and smile which he returns.


It is now 9:30 and Niall and I have decided to walk back to our car. We are almost at the parking lot when all of a sudden we are surrounded by blinding lights and loud noises.

I quickly grab onto Niall's hand and he squeezes tightly in return. I can hear what some of the men are shouting.

"Niall give her a kiss."

"Are you just after his money?"

"When are you going to dump her ass?"

A lot of these questions made me angry and I could tell they did the same for Niall. But, I couldn't let him say anything and protect me because he has a reputation to protect.

So I did the only thing I could think of I flicked them off. I could tell Niall was surprised like the rest of them but he soon started to laugh.

"If you guys have nothing better to do than insult me on our date you might want to stop because believe me when I get angry I get real angry."

I gave them this glare and I swore I saw them wet their pants it was priceless. And sure enough they left us alone. I still couldn't help the sad feeling in my stomach about what they said. Why does everyone think I'm after his money!



Hey guys so I just wanted to say a quick thanks to all my readers! I will be posting a lot over the break as I am getting surgery and can't walk for a good week! Wish me luck! Also if anyone hasn't read the book passion I suggest you do. It is amazing! I am on the sequel now and can't stop! There are 3 books and I can't wait to see the third! Anyway thanks for reading and please keep commenting!

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