The concert that changed my life

Hi my names Nicole and I'm 17 years old! I get to go to a One Direction concert and what happens if I get the chance to meet a certain Irish boy?!? Will we find true love or will they're be devastation and destruction?


36. Chelseaj_1D


So I had a great fan who asked for her own shout out and has done amazing with commenting so I named this chapter after her! There you go Chelsea!

 Taylor's POV

I watched Nicole as she walked out the door. My best friend for so long just left and probably will never come back. I held in the tears and told my guests to continue on with their night but after hearing what I had done they left with disgust written all over their faces.

There, I was all alone on my birthday. But, hey I guess I deserved it. How could I do that to Nicole? It's all Jason's fault he's the one who roped me into this. Oh well I'll have the entire weekend to try and get her back.


Nicole's POV

It is now Monday and believe me I have not forgotten about Saturday. All yesterday all I did was sit in my room and cry. My parents were beginning to get worried and they told me to call Taylor and maybe she could cheer me up.

I just told them no and went back to my room. I decided it best not to tell them what Taylor did just yet, if ever. I am walking into the school right now and it was so weird driving my own car to school today. The past two years Taylor has always driven me. Speaking of Taylor all yesterday she was texting and calling me trying to apologize and explain everything, but I just ignored her and stayed in bed.

Ok, I have to stop thinking of her because it will just start the tears again. But, the worst part is almost the whole school knows what happened. Some were at the party but others just saw it on twitter or got texts about it.

Gosh people are so nosy. I walk up to my locker and see Megan and Sabrina already standing their. They also know what happened and have been sending me texts about how much of a bitch Taylor is. I reach my locker and give them a weak smile. I'm just not really in the mood for talking to anyone right now.

"Hey." Megan says while giving me a hug.

"Hi." I'm barely able to choke out while holding in the tears.

"How you holding up?" Sabrina asks.

You know when somebody asks you if your ok and your really upset you just lose it? While that's exactly what I did. I started sobbing uncontrollably and Megan and Sabrina just gave me a hug trying to calm me down.

It helped a little bit and thankfully not many people noticed or just pretended not too. Then I feel a tap on my shoulder and I see the one person I never wanted to see again.


"Can we talk?" She mumbles out but Megan and Sabrina step in front of me so she couldn't.

"Please I really need to talk to you." She is now begging at this point and I can see the tears start to form in her eyes.

"Ok, guys you mind giving us a second." They both look shocked but they do as I said and go wait a few lockers down still keeping an eye on Taylor. I really do have the best friends.

"Listen Nicole I am so sorry and I never meant for any of this to happen."

"You mean your sorry you got caught!" I angrily shoot back.

"No! I'm sorry for all of it. I never should have worked with Jason and I never should of done any of it. It was mean and cruel and I don't even know why I did it." At this point their was a group of people starting to form around us. I guess people were looking for round two.

"You know exactly why you did it! I saw the message and it said you would get exactly what you wanted if you kept sending me messages!" She is such a liar!

"Ok ya well Jason's dad is a movie producer and he promised me he would get me a role in his next big movie if I did it. And I guess I was always tired of being in your shadow."

WHAT!?!?! Is she kidding me right now! "What!?!? I've always been in YOUR shadow!"

I say poking her chest. "Taylor's so nice, so pretty. How is Nicole best friends with someone like Taylor? They are so different. That is all I've ever heard! And you know what? I agreed because I didn't know how I could be best friends with someone as awesome as you!"

At this point their are tears in both our eyes and more people have formed to see what's going on teachers included."Can you do me a favor?" I ask while staring straight at her.

"Anything!" She quickly says back.

"Stay the hell out of my life!" I say while pushing past her hitting her shoulder on the way. I walk down the hall wiping away tears as I see everyone has stopped doing what they are doing and are watching what is going on. I keep on walking until I get to the doors that lead outside and I go to my car not really in the mood for school right now.


It's now 5 o'clock and I have just been sitting around home all day with my mom. All I told her is me and Taylor got in a fight and I just couldn't be at school with her and she seemed to understand and let me stay.

I just got a text from Megan telling me to dress nice because she is taking me out tonight. I put on the purple mid thigh dress that I bought when I was in London with Niall. That thought just made me smile and I realized I haven't talked to him in a few days.

So I reach over and grab my phone and unlock it dialing his number. It rang and rang and their was no answer. Hmm that's weird, he usually always answers. Oh well maybe he's still asleep or just busy. I grab my phone and purse and meet Megan outside. I hop in her car and she still refuses to tell me where we are going. We get to the same place where Taylor's party was and the place where everything went to shit.

"Megan why are we here?" I look over at her kinda pissed that she wanted to bring me here.

"I think I left my purse here the other night. Can you please help me find it?" She asked practically begging me.

"Fine but let's be quick I want to get out as soon as possible." I say getting out of the car.

We walk inside and instantly I hear music playing as we open the doors to the ballroom. I stop in my tracks as I see five guys facing the other way.

They all turn around at the same time and my mouth drops open. They begin to sing the song Stronger and I can feel tears on my cheeks as they fall from my eyes. When it's Niall's turn to sing he faces me and keeps his eyes on me the whole time and points to me at certain parts. I know kind of cheesy but I don't care!

When the song is over I don't stop myself as I run and jump right into his arms. He catches me of course and I can hear the other guys start to play the song Little Things.

"I Love you Niall Horan. I have missed you sooo much!" I say between sobs!

His grip around me tightens as he says "I love you more than anything else in this world! And I never want to go this long with out seeing you again." I continue to cry into his chest and he whispers the lyrics of Little Things into my ear.

The guys finish and I go and hug each and everyone of them. "I thought you weren't coming home for another couple weeks." I say walking back over to Niall.

"Ya I might have exaggerated the time a little bit." Niall says smiling as he wraps his arm around my waist and kisses my hair.

"And Megan." I say facing her "How did you know they'd be back and right here?"

"Well that part I kinda set up. I figured you could use some cheering up and what better way than a surprise from your boyfriend." I run over and wrap her into a hug.

"You are the best friend anyone could ask for." I begin to cry a little bit more as I say best friend.

"But I still don't know how you set this all up?" I say looking at all of them. They hop off the stage and Louis speaks up "well Megan knew we were playing in DC soon so she took your phone and got Niall's number from it and texted him setting it all up." I look at her when I say this "Thank you! You were right I needed this!"

"Does you needing cheering up have anything to do with Taylor?" Niall asks me holding my hand. I begin to cry again and he wraps me up in a hug. "We can talk later." He whispers.



So guys I know this chapter is kind of long and I'm sorry. Their was just so much I wanted to write! Also, you guys are so awesome so I thought you deserved it! Thank you for all the likes and favorites I love it. And if you want me to name a chapter after you like I did here than just let me know! And I'm sorry about the whole cussing thing. I know their was a lot but I kind of cuss so I thought I would make this as real as it could be.

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