When I wake, the first thing I feel is the cold.
Stinging cold, which burns at my skin, making every part of me scream for warmth and comfort.
I wish I had died alongside everyone else in the attack. But I'm here, 500 years later, woken from a frozen sleep. And the Others are here too.
There's a rebellion. I've just got to find it. But it means venturing out into this wasteland I used to call my home. This world that used to be mine.


1. The Beggining

Chapter 1

They came in the night.

You won’t find any records of what happened in a history textbook, because those don’t exist anymore. We wouldn’t need them anymore. We aren’t supposed to exist anymore.

I was trying to fall asleep when a cold chill came over me. I didn’t know what had caused it, but I had left my jacket downstairs and I was freezing.  Shivering, I made my way down the stairs, careful not to wake anyone.

My house was quite large. It had three floors and bedrooms, one for myself, one for my parents and a guest room too. My brother slept with my parents, since he was only 5 months old. They were pretty protective of him but they had all the right to be considering the news.

I shouldn’t be out of my room. It was past curfew. I should be in bed, trying to get to sleep. But it’s so cold.

I entered the kitchen. There was my jacket, lying on the table. I grabbed it, clenching the fabric in my fists. Steam came from my mouth as I breathed. That was strange, it was the middle of summer. Maybe it was just my imagination.

I was about to head upstairs when I saw the window was open. The wind was blowing in, which was probably the cause of me being so cold. There had just been a storm too, probably the cause of me waking up.

There’s nothing to be afraid of. They’re not coming.

Three years ago, just after my 12th birthday to be exact, a message came across. 5 world leaders were all found dead in their homes. Killed in a manner impossible to people of our kind. And a message, etched into their skin. Give up, we’re coming.

This was no joke. There were tests done on fingerprints found in the room. Their DNA was unlike any human… or even any creature known to mankind. Security guards found dead, their insides somehow melted, some had gone insane. Some never spoke again.

When I was 13 they made the first cryogenic chamber. I still don’t understand how they made it or how it works. All I know is they were mass producing them, shipping the out overseas. It was a safety precaution. If they ever came back, we could freeze ourselves in hopes of not getting slaughtered. By that time even we had one. Every family who could afford one had a chamber in the US.

The army began building planes, warships against the enemy. They thought if they could fight them, then maybe they would win. But that was ridiculous. Even I knew I at such a young age that no-one could win a battle against these monsters. No-one even knew what they were like. But the technology used against us was something we couldn’t even comprehend yet.

By the time I was 14 they had made it clear it was going to happen. War, I mean. They would come back. It was just a matter of time.

A matter of time before they came back to kill us all.

I peered out the window. Even though it had just stormed, the clouds were gone and the sky clear. I could see the stars. Ten billion stars in the sky. Flashing yellow…. gold….. red.

Red stars?

I peered closer, grabbing my dad’s binoculars which were lying on the dining table. How on earth could stars be red? That made no sense.

Stars. Red ones. And they were flashing like a plane. Like a giant plane. Like a giant spaceship.

A giant spaceship covering the whole sky.

I almost went back upstairs. I almost ran up to my parents room to wake them. But I was frozen. I couldn’t move.

There were drills for events like this. You were supposed to go to your cryogenic chamber and freeze yourself. I knew how to do it. Everyone did.

You weren’t supposed to wake anyone up. If you raised an alarm you’d just draw attention to yourself. Then you’d die. And so would everyone else.

But my family.

The chambers were out in the garden. In a metal hut, behind my house. I had to make it.

I gripped my jacket tighter, clenching my teeth. The heroic thing to do was to get my family, get everyone awake. Risk my life saving everyone else’s. The brave thing to do.

But I wasn’t brave. I was a coward.

I ran. I ran outside. I didn’t look back until I was safely inside the hut. Three deep breaths. This was just a drill. Just another drill like every time before and every time after.

I closed my eyes. My chamber. Third one, furthest away from the door. Slowly, I stepped towards it. There was still no noise from outside. What if I had just imagined it? What if I was just making a huge mistake?

I stood two feet away from the chamber. It took a minute for me to work up the courage to step in. My hands were numb from the cold. Why was it so cold?

I stepped inside. Shivering, I pulled the jacket over me, like a blanket. I knew what to do.

Strapping in the bands, I took out the needle. It would hurt, but I knew where to place them. Insides of my elbows, ankles and one on my neck.


Now for the part that no-one had ever done before. The big blue button by the door. I pressed it.

Searing pain erupted from where the needles went in. I clenched my teeth. Had to bear with the pain. Tears blurred my vision though. How could I be so stupid? I should have saved everyone. But I’m not some superhero like in those movies. I’m not a hero of any sort. I’m just human.

Reassuring myself, I let myself sob, just once. It wasn’t fair. How come it had to be me who found them? Why was I being strapped to this room, slowly freezing for god knows how long? It wasn’t fair.

The doors closed and I took a deep breath.

“Mom and Dad and Ander will make it”  I  told myself. They’ll come here and we’ll wake in 50 years and everything will be okay. Everything will be okay. They’d hear the announcement in their earpieces and they’d come. They’d see me frozen and they’d know we were safe. My friends too.

We’d wake up when they were gone and defeated and we’d be safe forever.

Forever and ever and ever and ever.

But what if they didn’t come? What if they all died and I woke in 50 years all alone. Or worse, in a lab with the aliens testing me. What if this? What if that?

All these doubts consumed me. I felt the need to scream and break free. But I was already freezing.

It’ll be okay.

They came in the night.

And that was only the beginning.

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