The Secret Place

Tiffany miss some friends or just somebody to love her. She is lonely, and the only thing she really do have is her secret place.


1. Tiffany

~The school bus was full of shouting kids. Tiffany was tired. Too much homework, too many mean girls. Finally she got home and could already hear her parents yell at each other. Tiffany ran through the house and out the back door. Her mom told her to stay home but Tiffany did not care. Outside in the cold rain Tiffany felt like she could breathe again. She had no friends, no happy parents, no one to love her. She felt very lonely. Now she was at the back of the garden, she looked around her, no one could see her. She crawled through the hedge. Now Tiffany was in the green forest. She ran fast. Tiffany loved this part, the wind against her face, her long dark hair that whipped down her back. Now she had arrived at the creek with the flat stones and the white flowers. She sad down on one of the stones and just listened to the sound of the water. Here, no one could make her feel wrong. When she was there, Tiffany could be anyone she wanted to. This was the only thing that no one could never take away from her. The secret place.

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