wishing for a fairy tale

she wished for a fairy tale,
but she didn't expect this.....


2. kidnapped by who?!?!?!

I woke up in a strange room. On a king sized bed I could sleep here for ages even if I am kidnaped. I wasn't in a dark room tied up so it isn't that bad right?


Then I heard footsteps outside of the room. I started to get a little afraid of what would happen. The words he said in my ear... I could still hear his voice clearly


" I could be the prince in your fairytale"


Then the door opened and I looked up. I couldn't believe my eyes there stood the most famous boy in the world....


Justin Bieber


I wasn't even afraid I was just shocked..


He walked closer to me.


"Y-your J-j-Justin Bieber and y-you k-kidnapped me" I stuttered


"I know" he said looking at me


" Why? not that i don't like it but why would you kidnap me" I said not stuttering anymore


He smiled


"I have my reasons" he said


"Alright" I said looking around in the room


"Come with me" he said smiling



I stood up and we walked a cross the hallway to another door.


"This room is yours" he said while opening the door


I couldn't believe what I saw. It was a big room with fairy lights above the queen sized bed. The walls where white whit pink roses on it. It was amazing!!


Justin looked at my face and saw how happy I was..


"This isn't everything" he said while he took my hand and walked me to another door


He opened it and it was a big walk in closet




"This is all yours if...." He said


"If what?"


"If you are going to be my girlfriend and we are going to make it public and stuff"


" eh but to be a couple we have to love each other and not to be rude I'm not in love with you" I said


"You can fall in love with me first we pretend and if you really don't love me then we break up"


" alright sounds like a deal" I smiled while saying this.


This is so different from the fairytale I hoped for... But it isn't bad


Justin's p.o.v


I know this plan is stupid but I need someone to set my mind of Selena


And she is a nice and beautiful girl.

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