The Science Of Deduction

the guide to deduction by Randall Whiteside-


5. The Elusive Cross Check

The Elusive Cross Check

by Randall Whiteside

This is perhaps one of the most simplistic concepts to grasp wile practising the art of deduction. Its simple, you think of a person as a cypher (or perhaps a sudoku puzzle). In order to solve the cypher (or come up with an apt detection) you need to cross check every letter you think you have solved to insure yourself that that is infact the correct letter (you following me?). Looking at a person lets say starting with there shoes, we see that she is wearing some bright pink kitten heels, alright so we know that she is perhaps a person looking for glamour of heels without the actual hight, so would this mean that she is a person attempting to make a screaming impression on others, but do we know this for sure? The only way to know is to cross check this hypotheses is to observe the rest of our victim. So lets just go over some other points, fingernails march the loud colour with some gold moving in a horizontal direction, her hair is dyed hair and done up, she is wearing heavy pink eye shadow, large ear rings, and a matching pink shirt, we can then conclude that this person has a rather brazen attitude. Cross checking a person will give you a more refined deduction.



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