Break Your Walls

Aria thought she loved Niall , now she begs to differ .

Aria now 20 year old girl from Ireland , now has a change of heart . She thought she loved Niall , until he ran up the aisle with her sister , Molly . Will a certain someone named Liam Payne , change her life forever ?
Liam walked towards me " The story of my life I take her home , I drive all night to keep her warm and time is frozen " he sang softly . My heart was melting . "You know your mine right Payne . Im gonna have to get you a leash so you wont go astray " He laughed . How I loved his laugh . It was a kind , welcoming laugh . " I love you Payne , I really do " . He leaned in and kissed me . His lips were warm and soft . "Aria , you belong with me . Let me kiss you "


3. Liam's home !

A beautiful sunrise cast over Birmingham . Liam was coming home . Daisy and Tammy were watching the video on the TV of Best Song Ever . Kyle was playing with his Lego . "Hey girls " I smiled . Watching them dance around was the highlight of that morning . Tammy pointed at Harry and Niall . " Bad Godfather Niall . Bad uncle Harry !" She exclaimed . "Yes Tammy bad Niall and Harry . 

It was 2:30 and the triplets were showered and dressed . We were waiting at the airport along with Stefanie , Leah and Shelly . Leah was Harry's wife and Shelly was Louis fiancé . Leah was beautiful with long brown hair , brown eyes and tanned skin . Shelly on the other hand , I didn't know what Louis saw in her . She had short red hair with blonde highlights and hazel eyes . Her skin was an olive shade . Her personality was terrible and she was from Texas . 

When Tammy , Daisy and Kyle saw Liam they screamed and hugged and kissed him for ages . Liam ran to me , lifted me up , swung me around and kissed me . "Babe I missed you . So much." Liam had been on a worldwide tour for a year . When Liam was finished kissing me I glanced over at Niall . It was so sad . He stared at all the couples and a tear fell from his eyes . I knew I had to do something . Fast 

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