Break Your Walls

Aria thought she loved Niall , now she begs to differ .

Aria now 20 year old girl from Ireland , now has a change of heart . She thought she loved Niall , until he ran up the aisle with her sister , Molly . Will a certain someone named Liam Payne , change her life forever ?
Liam walked towards me " The story of my life I take her home , I drive all night to keep her warm and time is frozen " he sang softly . My heart was melting . "You know your mine right Payne . Im gonna have to get you a leash so you wont go astray " He laughed . How I loved his laugh . It was a kind , welcoming laugh . " I love you Payne , I really do " . He leaned in and kissed me . His lips were warm and soft . "Aria , you belong with me . Let me kiss you "


6. finally a girl for Niall !!

"Aria , you've been online for nearly 6 hours now " Liam complained . It was true . I was online on dating sites for ages looking for a suitable girl for Niall . Why was I doing this ? Niall broke my heart . It wasn't my job to replace his heart . But I still had feelings for Niall . Deep down inside of me . A piece of me I HATED .

At around 4:30 , Liam had made dinner for the triplets and me . A plate of spaghetti drizzled with carbonara sauce . He handed me the plate . Looking at me unhappily . "Thanks Li " I said , staring at the computer . "THATS IT !" I screamed . I finally gave up . I was just about to shut off the computer , when it made a loud binging sound . Opening it up , I was quite scared . What if the girl who was willing to mend Niall's heart was ugly with a capital U ?

A wave of relief flushed over me . The request was from a beautiful 20 year old girl . She had chocolate brown hair and deep brown eyes . Elena . Her name was Elena .

Her message was quite brief . "Um hi . I'm Elena . I'm living in the Birmingham area and I was wondering if we could meet up ?" . What ? Oh yeah I forgot . Elena thought I was NIALL !!!! .

Tammy , Kyle and Daisy ran in to me and have me a huge hug . Kyle yawned . " You OK Kyle . C'mon sleepy time . It's 8:45 . Past you guy's bedtime . " The triplets didn't disagree . Marching up the stairs Daisy laughed . Then Kyle laughed and then Tammy joined in . "What's so funny " I asked . Tammy stopped laughing ." Godfather Niall has no girlfriend !!!!"

By this remark I was VERY surprised . I spoke with Liam about this . "Well Ari . They are only kids" . I knew what he was talking about . But I had other things to think about . What if Niall hated Elena ? How would I get him to meet up with her ?

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