Break Your Walls

Aria thought she loved Niall , now she begs to differ .

Aria now 20 year old girl from Ireland , now has a change of heart . She thought she loved Niall , until he ran up the aisle with her sister , Molly . Will a certain someone named Liam Payne , change her life forever ?
Liam walked towards me " The story of my life I take her home , I drive all night to keep her warm and time is frozen " he sang softly . My heart was melting . "You know your mine right Payne . Im gonna have to get you a leash so you wont go astray " He laughed . How I loved his laugh . It was a kind , welcoming laugh . " I love you Payne , I really do " . He leaned in and kissed me . His lips were warm and soft . "Aria , you belong with me . Let me kiss you "


2. 4 years later

Monday . The most hated day of the week . Why? Liam was going to meet the guys and I had to stay with Kyle , Daisy and Tammy . My friend Stefanie was coming over with Jodi and Kaci , her kids . 

"Hey Stef , how are you ? " I asked . I hadn't seen Stefanie since I had the triplets . Stefanie was beautiful and she was married to Zayn . She had long blonde hair and blue eyes . She even had a model like figure . " So Aria how are you ?" I smiled . " Okay just Niall and Liam have been spending a lot of time together because his breakup with Josie " . Niall and Josie were a perfect couple . Josie had curly brown hair and green eyes , a sparkling personality and a great family . Niall was lovestruck . But she cheated on him so he left her . His heart was broken . " Would you like some tea or coffee ? " I asked Stefanie . " Ya darlin , i'll have a black coffee please ." 

"Mmmmmmmmmm " Daisy drooled , looking at the pile of cookies on the table . Kyle and Tammy were wrestling on the floor . "Got ya you silly fool " I grabbed Tammy by the hips and lifted her up . "Kyle would you and Tammy like some cookies ?" . Kyle giggled and Tammy looked at me happily " Ooooooh yes please Mom " the triplets spoke . I gave them cups of warm milk and cookies and they were so quiet for the rest of the morning . 

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