Mystery Killer

A girl named Jewel and her friends, Lucy and Miley, are having bad luck sense they meet the new guy, Ryan. When they meet Ryan they thought he was sweet, until now! He looks like the mystery killer on the news. The girls are trying to see if Ryan is the mystery killer! Would the three friends succeed and prove that he is the killer? Will they survive? Or will Jewel accept Ryan's date?


1. Babysitters and sad friends

     Jewel was walking home from school, then her friend, Miley, walked up to her. Miley said "Hey bestie!" "Hey Miley!" Jewel said smiling. "I am so glad we are both in the same home room!" Miley said happily. "I know. Do you think 9th grade is hard already?" I asked looking at Miley. "Sure, I guess." Miley said. "Well here is my house, I have to go, bye." Jewel said while waving and walking over to her house. "Bye, see you tomorrow at school!" Miley said while waving. When Jewel went inside her house, nobody was inside the house. She has been calling for an hour "Hello, anybody home?!?"

     Nobody showed up. Jewel was kind of scared. But she got over it and she walked to her room. A few minutes later she heard the doorbell. Jewel walked down stairs to see what was at the door. When she opened the door, she saw her big sister, Roxie. Roxie is 20 years old and she has black hair with green highlights and a piercing on her nose. She is wearing a shirt with a skull on it and she is wearing tights with a black glamor skirt, also she is wearing black high hills. 

     "What are you doing here, Roxie?" Jewel asked. "Well mom texted me to come here and babysit you or something." Roxie said while walking inside the house. "Wait what, I don't need a babysitter!" Jewel said shocked and surprised. "Well I have got to do what mom says." Roxie said while sitting on the couch. "but I don't need a babysitter I am in 9th grade!" Jewel said while looking at Roxie. "So what?" Roxie said while looking at Jewel. "Roxie, can I go to my friends house down the street?" Jewel asked Roxie. "I don't care as long you are out of the house." Roxie said while getting on her phone. "Ok!" Jewel said happily.

     Jewel opened the door and walked outside. Then she walked to her friend Lucy's house.  Jewel nocked on Lucy's door. The door opened and Lucy's mom was at the door. "Hi mrs. Luxen may I see Lucy?" Jewel asked mrs. Luxen. "Come on in, Jewel." Mrs. Luxen said while welcoming Jewel in. Jewel went into the house and sat on the couch. "I will go get Lucy." Mrs. Luxen said while walking up stairs. "Thank you." Jewel whispered where mrs. Luxen could hear her. Lucy came down stairs. She saw Jewel and went to go sit with her on the couch.

Lucy was wearing a shirt with a princess kitten on it and she was wearing ripped up jeans with red and purple colored tennis shoes. She had dirty blond hair that was curled and long. "Hey Lucy!" I said smiling at her. "Hey Jewel." Lucy said while sighing. "What's wrong?" I said looking at her in a sad face. "I don't want to talk about it." Lucy said while looking at the ground and frowning.

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