Skating On Thin Ice

Crystal Blue is a 12 year old girl, with very little in life, except from a big dream. A dream to become an ice-skater, like her late mother was. But, there's a lot of hurdles to jump over. First: Crystal is bullied, second: Crystal and her alomst silent grandmother have no money, the third and the highest hurdle: Crystal doesn't know how to ice-skate.

A tale of friendship, deception, trust and ice. This will be updated every Wednesay.


1. Home

Crystal Catherine Blue unlocked the door to her grandmother's minuscule cottage and cried,

"Nan, I'm home." Her grandmother, Casey Blue bustled out of the kitchen to greet her granddaughter. It was one of those horrible summer days, when it felt like November in the middle of June.

"How was school?" Casey asked. Crystal smiled, her grandmother had been silenced when Crystal's mother's death, so spoke to no one,  apart from to Crystal of course. 

"Good." Crystal decided not to mention how horrible her day had been, there was no point, it would only make her Nan sad, and she didn't want that. 

"Come in and get warm by the fire." There wasn't much to get warm by, the fire was only a few centimetres high, which wasn't surprising considering it only had two blocks of wood as fuel. Crystal and her Nan were very, very poor.

"How many weeks do you have off then?"


"Then it's off to High School is it? My grown up girl!" Crystal smiled and got on with dinner. She dug around in the cupboard for a while, before discovering a potato and a couple of sausages. Crystal mashed up the potato and put it in the oven, then she unwrapped the sausages and placed them on the grill. Half an hour later, dinner was served. Crystal cut up some carrot and cucumber and put it on a small plate.

"Dinner Nan!" She cried. After a tedious dinner, Crystal went upstairs to her room to change out of her uniform. She pulled off her stainless, white shirt. Stainless. It shouldn't have been stainless, all the Year 6s were supposed to get their t-shirts signed today. But no one had signed Crystal. No one wanted anything to do with the 'worthless gem'. Crystal pulled on a purple and blue top, tears spilling down her cheeks. It wasn't fair. Why should she get bullied? "WHY SHOULD I?" Crystal yelled, throwing open her window to look at the lake. Just behind the fence around Nan's garden, there was a large forest, surrounding a beautiful lake. This lake always got frozen over in the winter, Crystal loved it when that happened. People went ice-skating on the surface. One day Crystal was going to do that. One day. 

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