This Is Me

This story is about Draco Malfoy a boy with an old forgotten friend .how will Mel survive with her forgotten while their love still lives. Draco wants to keep it all hush hush as he tries to keep his bad boy status but how long will this last before exposure...


11. Together

I lay Draco on the first few steps and the stairs instantly turn to a slide he goes down and lands with a THUMP. i reapply his powder and give myself some too. i slowly take him down towards the dungeon while Draco comes in and out of consciousness. i wake Draco and ask him to say the pass word
"PUREBLOOD"he mumbles
. i make him visible once again and walk straight behind him so that when my legs moves so dose his. the common room was very dull but it is the dungeon. Pansy walks over and says stuff like its ok i'll always be here. she steps closer while I'm look away and pretending to puke. when i look back shes kissing him. i'm about move Draco's hand to slap her but he's awoken and punched her
"PISS OFF PANSY i have a girlfriend" i feel pride erupt inside me. i release Draco and he stumbles back a little but then regains his balance struts off and a wiggles his fingers to summon me to him. i run up to him silently and take his hand. he walked me up and into his prefect bedroom which he gets all to himself. He sits me on his king sized bed 
"I gotta go wash my mouth out now, it taste like pansy" he joked
"Sorry"i mumble in apology with a small giggle, "anything i can do to help" 
"Nah, just wait here for me"
I sit waiting while i hear the sound of him brushing his teeth. i feel so sorry and helpless. he rinses his brush and walks out, he comes over and sits beside. we laid down beside each other in complete silence he reaches over and grabs my hand. We fall asleep, luckily its a saturday, so we have no classes.

I awake to the sound of laughter Draco's father, just walked in. i see Draco is over talking to his father. i grab my bag sleepily and my invisible powder. i sit up on the bed clutching my bag. Draco's father's blocking the door. i can over hear some of there chattering.
"I don't care i love her."
"She's The Lady Draco and she's a danger to us all" 
Draco turns to look at me. realising i am awake he shuts the door on his father and locks it. he walks up to me and we just cuddle. soon enough we start to head down to dinner, since we slept through lunch we were both starving. we headed down together. we were still a little early, so we waited by the window. we sat with our heads together and our noses touching. we stayed like that for awhile, ignoring our hunger. when the doors opened and the talking got louder, we got up kissed and went our separate ways.

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