This Is Me

This story is about Draco Malfoy a boy with an old forgotten friend .how will Mel survive with her forgotten while their love still lives. Draco wants to keep it all hush hush as he tries to keep his bad boy status but how long will this last before exposure...


10. Spotted

I look down and see my legs are stained and up my clothes including my shoes. i see that some people have looked over. Draco looks at me mouthing something. people start to whisper. i go to remove my ink stained shoes when i suddenly realise i can't see my hands but i can see ink stained clothes. i start to move away but Draco and i are still holding hands i say let go but he only gets up too. we start running together until we reach Ravenclaw tower.
"I guess i'll wait here?" he asks.
"No" he frowns at me as i take out a corked bottle open it
"Open up" he does as i say. I sprinkle on a little of the powder And he turns invisible i quietly answer the question i get asked.
"Who was the previous headmaster" it booms
"Professor Dippet" i reply
I enter my dorm full of books. i can tell Draco's gaping at it. i wander into my room while I'm levitating Draco up, because no boys can enter the girls rooms. I put Draco down with a thump.
"Sorry" i whisper even though no one else is in the tower. "Wait here i need to change i say as Draco tries to come in after me. i shut the door after me i instantly take off my clothes and chuck them in the laundry shoot. I then rummage through my bag for clean clothes i find a new bra, undies, shoes and clothes. i put on my bra and undies but before i get a chance i to put anything else on i hear the door open. i instantly go for my wand and shout out loud a stunning spell.
"OH MAH GERD, sorry Draco, but you really shouldn't have 
Came in(!)" 
I finished getting dressed in the bathroom this time while an unconscious Draco is lying on the floor outside.

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