This Is Me

This story is about Draco Malfoy a boy with an old forgotten friend .how will Mel survive with her forgotten while their love still lives. Draco wants to keep it all hush hush as he tries to keep his bad boy status but how long will this last before exposure...


6. Quiditch

Draco's P.O.V 

Friday morning. i get up grab blue my flannel my T-shirt,long denim pants and my socks, then i head off for a shower.when i got out most of the boys had woken up and had went to the common room after using another shower and got dressed. i head down to the common room and wait awhile just thinking before i head out and over to the great hall.when i reach the great hall i see all 4 of the house tables. is see the hufflepuff house , the gryffindor house, the slytherin house and finally the Ravenclaw house. i look over at gryffindor and see the big headed, ego absorbed, hot head "harry potter" and his little friends, blood traitor weasley, and little mudblood granger. over at hufflepuff their so delusional i don't even bother.i see rave claw's Cho Chang, sitting next to Gia Mezzopesa who's sitting next to the most sexy, beautiflu girl i've ever laid eye's on, Melanie Cuttings. i head off to my house Slytherin and sit next to Pansy, Blaise and Goyle. I started piling on eggs, bacon, potato, toast and salads. when i finish eating i go off to the Quiditch pitch, because all slytherins have a free period this morning, so we hold our try-outs now.

I walk over holding my firebolt broom over my shoulder. i see my old teammates some new people here who will undoubtedly NOT make it(!)a couple of the old team have left, but our opposing team well is... Errr... well their well yer... their special. we'll win in a heart beat . I show off a bit because i know that ravenclaw got this period off too, and i've already seen Melanie looking at me at least 3 or 4 times now. i've finished my try-out but to be honest i would of made the team especially after father bought the Slytherin team new brooms the other year. And the the brooms stayed in the Quiditch room for the new members, for the brooms we're slytherin property not who ever uses them. after Quiditch i head back off to class.

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