This Is Me

This story is about Draco Malfoy a boy with an old forgotten friend .how will Mel survive with her forgotten while their love still lives. Draco wants to keep it all hush hush as he tries to keep his bad boy status but how long will this last before exposure...


4. Meeting Draco

Mel's P.O.V

Its was thursday morning and first up i had herbology.(yay!)
But im most looking forward to seeing Draco tonight. we organised last time we met ( tuesday night ) that we would sneak out again and meet at the same place as last time ( the edge of the pool ). the pool was newly installed as a leisure activity as long as we used a bubble charm on our head for air or we sat by the shallow end. it was easy to hide by the pool as there was a net for shade , to help stop sun burn over the top which made the corners of the area darker. it was also on the far side to the professors bedrooms and filches office. so it was ideal. it was surprisingly warm to day so i had a nice cold shower, when i got out i put on my bra and wore by light blue wizard branded jumper as a shirt but with a white singlet underneath, i also wore some long jean pants and my black beanie. I woke up sleepy head Gia, by wacking her with the end of my pillow, yelling "wake up sleeping beauty." As she awoke with an instant the moaned sleepily "uurgg... MElaNIe" she rolled out of bed with a plonk(!)
She got dressed and came down to the common room and slunk down into a single chair with a tired moan.

By the time we made it out and into the great hall i was starved i had a large sever of scramble eggs and bacon , i had a cheese croissant and a avocado cover piece of toast. 
Later on we had herbology, then ancient runes after that we had lunch.i spent my lunch time just sitting and filling Gia in on my holidays. we finished off our conversation and headed of for History, then off to our last lesson care for magical creatures.we had plenty off spare time now that all our lessons were finished. i decided i would go and get some time to do my history of magic home work because thats the only homework i have left to do right now because being a Ravenclaw we're always ahead of or finished our homework. not because we're special but just because we have it all pretty much planned out in our heads when we are going to work and when we will be done by.i leave the library at about 6:00 so that i can leisurely spend my time to get back to the common room have a shower so that when i come back from seeing Draco i only need to change into my pj's i stead of waking everyone with a shower. i set out my pj's so that its quicker and quieter when i come back.i set off at about 6:30 to go to dinner. i sit next to she begins her holiday fill in on me. But my mind starts to wonder away from that. Im thinking a out Draco and when i see him tonight...
I look up at the teachers table and look over at Dumbledore and do a sweep of his table i turn back at Gia and realise Draco's staring at me boldly trying to tell me something. i mouth the words tell me tonight.wait. thats just it .tonight.omg.
"Im soo sorry Gia i gave to go"i tell her she looks at her watch to realise what i mean and she nods in agreement. i rush of to closes girls bathroom and eye Draco as if its a signal to walk out too. I do some touch ups on my make up, add some mascara and re-apply my lipstick and gloss. i walk along the corridors, sticking close to the shadows. I exit through a low window arch and head off for the pools. i see shadowy figure of a man, as i approach, closer and closer. soon realise that its actually 2 men. I see the short pale figure of Draco and the others a black cloaked figure , with a tall structure. he's got a black hair too all greasy. i can tell because if the way the light reflects of it. I think its snape i just need a closer look i step forward but there us a rustle in behind me as i see a bird fly out. the cloaked man rushed of whispering to him 
"Its what HE wants, Draco"
Draco nods back at so confused.

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