This Is Me

This story is about Draco Malfoy a boy with an old forgotten friend .how will Mel survive with her forgotten while their love still lives. Draco wants to keep it all hush hush as he tries to keep his bad boy status but how long will this last before exposure...


9. Facing Draco

Mel's P.O.V

They take me through all the old, all most completely des"ors until we get to the common room. They keep asking me questions but i resist. partly for not caring and embarrassment and i did not hear for I am in deep thought, about Draco, Brielle and how this will all turn out. Whether our relationship will still be intact between me and Draco, and me and Brielle.

I'm soon am awaken by a loud snore. i've been asleep. I have a strong feeling of joy. but i soon see that i have been sitting on my bed sitting up next to gia and kitty. i figure that we had all fallen asleep after they took me from myrtle's bathroom. i feel this sadness erupt from within.
I get up carefully as not no wake them.get my shower stuff and head for the shower, via the clock.
"OMG its 5:03" i say under by breath. i have my shower get dressed and go down to the common room.i set out my stuff and pick out what i need according to my time table. I put the left over stuff away and kept all my lesson items neatly in a spot for when i come for them. i set off slowly, taking my time and examining every detail, for i had just under 1/2 of an hour to get to the great hall, because it opened for breakfast 5:30. some students like prefects and head boy/head girl need an early breakfast before they set off for the responsibilities. I walk to the great hall and didn't even need to wait 5 minutes until i get to walk in. i sit down around about where i would normally sit, and slowly watch the food appear,plater, by, plater. I haven't got a big appetite but i pick out pieces to occupy me while i wait for my friends to wake and suddenly find me not there. And then to come find me. I start to pick at my Food. i wait till about 6:34 until kitty as a prefect comes out and starts to rant on about me and other shit. I see kitty leave as Gia enters and they walk back together. they had their hands hidden behind their backs. as i'm about to ask them what their doing, they scream
"OMG after all thats happened, i totally forgot" i say
"We Know" they said in sync
They release their arms and gave me my gifts. i open the first one and its in a pink gift bag. it contains a corked bottle with a blue powder inside it. labelled
"Thank you kitty" i say as i give her a big hug
The next was a wrapped present, as i unwrapped my gift i found out that contained a: 
"Thank you Gia" i say once again i hug her.
We begin to complete breakfast. its all good until i hear gia and kitty, whispering about the entrance to the great hall and about me. i look up to see Draco walking though the doors i slink down to under the table. I tell my friends to slide my presents under to hide the fact i was there. as they pass under they tell me Draco is coming over to us. as they give me the last item, i pause and stare. something clicked in my head. i just got invisibility powder. i skim through the warnings and instructions. i add a little to my tongue and it dissolves in an instance. i feel a tingling wave through my body through to my finger tips. I get up and whisper in kitty and gia's ear's to tell them ill be invisible. i walk with my powder in my pocket, with my wand and mirror. i walk next to Draco as he approaches Gia and Kitty. i listen to them bickering about me. i walk over to the Slytherins who ae eyeing Draco and talking about him i listen in.they are saying stuff like "
who do they think hey are talking to Draco like that" i heard Pansy say.
Blaise started to talk "Why bother talking to little blood traitors and mudbloods. i understand him trying to get to mel as a pureblood but,"he sighs" it only just worth it. well she is a pureblood, she's sexy and she's so naive."
I walk back to Draco,i see him lose the little sparkle in light blue eyes. he walks back i almost get over run by him, he just felt me gently, now very confused that there is nothing in front of him. i decide to tell him I'm invisible and start saying,
"Draco i'm here I'm invisible, i got invisibility powder i just got it for my birthday. i missed you. i didn't know she would tell. honest. don't try to talk back or it'll look weird ,you know ,talking to yourself."
"Melanie i love you. i want to give you something here."he says. 
I look and turn to him i see him holding a gift bagged present i take it carefully from him and place it in my pocket for I was invisible not the package. i turn to him and tell him quietly "i'll walk with him to his table and might stay a while, but we can hold hands so that you know when i leave."
He nods slowly and gently to show me he says yes. i take hold of his hand for he can not see my hand because it is invisible. i walk with him over to the table of Slytherins and sit. he picked a spot clear for both of us he places his bag down on my lap, making it look like it was on the seat. all his gang come over,Blaise tried to move the bag and Draco said.
"Move or even touch my bag and i'll hex you." He backs away.
I listen to their conversations fir a while, until they bring up me. i start to listen for a bit, Draco looks at me unsurely. i shrug, but then realise he can't see me. i listen heard as they start to whisper so no-one else can hear i stand and lean over. but that only to cause the biggest disturbance. as i got up i knocked Draco's stuff off my lap. It had smashed ink bottles and paper had blackened from the ink, books were stained and i got ink across my clothes.

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