Winning Me Over

Brianna and Mikayla are normal people but are HUGE fans of One Direction. One day their lives change forever when they meet their dream idols. They each have their favourites but will this change when the others start falling for them too?


6. Chapter 4.

"That's how much we love you! Haha. By the way I'm Mikayla and this is Brianna but call her Bree trust me by the time she wakes up and hears this is not a dream she will go spastic!" Mikayla whispered. I couldn't take my eyes off Bree. The way she breathes slow but so softly. Soon the boys came back with ice and a blanket. "So whats your names?!" Zayn asked. "Lads, this is Mikayla and that's Brianna but call her Bree." I finished off. The boys looked jealous while I smiled at Mikayla and she smiled back. We all started talking Mikayla said some things about her and Bree. The boys and I kept a close look at Bree. Soon after the lads asked if Mikayla had Fifa. She nodded and whispered while smirking.."Take care of her." I blushed. Then she went off with them to get set up in the other lounge room. Soon enough Mikayla came back and asked me if Bree had woken up with a worried look on her face when I said no. She sat down next to me playing with Brees hair. So i decided to do the same thing then... I saw some movement.
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