Winning Me Over

Brianna and Mikayla are normal people but are HUGE fans of One Direction. One day their lives change forever when they meet their dream idols. They each have their favourites but will this change when the others start falling for them too?


2. Chapter 1.

*Beep Beep Beep* My alarm clock rang as I rolled my eyes and went back to sleep. "Get up honey, you can't be late for the bus." My mother called from the kitchen. "Urgg! Ok I am getting up now!" I reply as I go to the bathroom get undressed and turn the shower taps on. The warm water dropplets slide down my back. It feels so warm and nice. After my last 10 minutes of relaxation for the day was over, I turned off the taps, and grabbed my warm towel from the heated towel rack and started drying myself. I decided to wear my floral printed dress with a matching purse of course and some strappy brown sandals. I left my hair as it is naturally curly, but I added some touch ups and put on a plain black headband. I applied a light amount of makeup and looked in the mirror to admire my outfit and I was satisfied. I went into my room and packed for tonight. I was so excited. Later I checked my phone and I received a message from Mikayla saying: Hay bub I can pick u up now r u ready p.s can't wait for the next few weeks! :) xx Me: Thanks ok me to! Mikayla got her p plate I was so happy for her. Anyway, I quickly ate my breakfast said bye to my brother and my mum and also I told her that Mikayla was going to pick me up and she said that was ok. Then I got my bags and walked out the door. Where Mikayla was waiting for me in her new black Suzuki Swift. Mikaylas hair is a neat bun. She is wearing a light blue singlet top tucked into a flowy high waist black skirt and black strappy sandals with light makeup. She looked stunning. "Hey bree! I'm so excited for the next few weeks ahhhh!" Mikayla screamed. "Okay okay calm down Miki haha!" I replied. "Okay (exhale) just breathe (inhale). Well Bree come on otherwise we will be late!" Mikayla said anxiously as she escorted me to my leather..(or at least it smells like it!) comfy smooth seat.

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