Abduction; ON HOLD [Fan Fiction of Film]

Noah Huntz, was a normal child. He went to school like any other kid in Nebraska. He was a popular regular seventeen year old high schooler, but something that was abnormal was that he was an adopted child.. he doesn't know that though. Come on the adventure with Noah to find out who he is..


3. Where Am I?

I didn't dare try to fight back because I knew that I would most likely die.. Why do they want me? What did I do? I was going to wait and make a plan. As the four men walked down the stairs, I followed seeing how one of the men was grabbing my arm. "Why Do You Need Me And What Have I Done?" I Asked "Look Nathan Don't You Worry About That... Everything Is Under Control." Replied the man rather quickly. When I saw the down stairs it was a huge disaster.. pictures were everywhere, the furniture was thrown around and pictures were broken. "Where Are My Fucking Parents!" I demanded. They ignored me and threw me in a van outside my house.. I wanted to scream for my life, but I had to keep in my mind that I didn't know who these people were. When they put me in the van I sat in the middle and two of the men sat on either side of me. The leader of whoever this person was, sat in the passenger seat and the man who found me in the closet sat in the drivers seat. When he cranked up the car the current time was 9:07 AM. "Damn It" I thought to myself. School had already started, I was still curious where my parents were. I had forgotten that my gun was in my back slid in my pants.

We had began to ride, all of these questions were running through my mind.. I didn't know what to think anymore. "Where Are My Parents?" I said softly asked. No one had answered me. So I kept asking until the man to the left slapped the shit out of me. So I spit in his face, and shortly after that he went to punch me in my chest. But suddenly the leader said "Don't You Dare Punch Him, We Need Him!" He slightly move his hand to his waist. When I looked at the windshield I noticed we were exiting the town I lived in. "What Did I Do?!" I said with a faint voice.. Once again they just sat there and ignored me. Minutes later we were passing grasslands.. I knew this was my chance to escape. So I looked to my sides for a couple seconds and suddenly I punched breath out of the man to my right. After that immediately went for the man to my left.. I punched him in his gut and then for his face.. I noticed that they slowed the van down so what I did was opened the van door wide open and I jumped!

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