Abduction; ON HOLD [Fan Fiction of Film]

Noah Huntz, was a normal child. He went to school like any other kid in Nebraska. He was a popular regular seventeen year old high schooler, but something that was abnormal was that he was an adopted child.. he doesn't know that though. Come on the adventure with Noah to find out who he is..


5. My Life Is... Is... A Lie!

     As we had rode down the long highway I sat there waiting for a whispher.. But all my ass heard was the engine and the sudden rain. "First of all, Cody or shall I say Noah.. The people who you have grown up with aren't you biological parents it hurts me to say but I am honest person" Jackie said faintly "So what your basically telling me is that my name is Cody and that Mellisa and Hunter Huntz are not my parents?!" I had shouted. "Calm your nerves, honey I know this is hard for you to swallow right now but I need your cooperation" she replied rather fast. "So what you are telling me is that my whole life is a complete lie?' I asked bravely. "No.. of course not.. your parents are..." she stopped and looked to her side ashamed. "Let me guess my parents are dead?" "No.. but sadly your father is." Jackie had said.  "My Mom? Is she still wondering this Earth" I asked with hope. "Oh... Kate, she still is out there" she said with a big smile. "There is something else I must confess to you, Noah.. I'm your Grandmother. She said as if she had just lost her all of her valuable belongings. "What?" I said with a confused look. "Im sorry but I couldn't risk your life, me and your mother wanted you to have a life without shooting and assassination. "You guys are some type of secret spy for the FBI or something?" I asked "Yes, you could say that." she said. "Why did my mom leave me, I would have loved to meet her and be there with her." I asked sadly. "Your mom didn't know she was going to have such a handsome son like you.. I guess it was a one night stand with your father and mom. It all happened when your mother had to take out or in other words kill your father. "She went to Las Vegas and when to this casino, but something had happened I guess your mother just couldn't. I remember your mother calling me on the following Tuesday of her birthday.  She was so happy, I could hear the excitement in her voice! They must've had sex and nine months later she had you. She didn't know what she was getting herself into so she had called her and your fathers best friends, Melissa and Hunter Huntz. They have raised you as there own. Your mother has always checked on you, but she didn't want to ruin your childhood by introducing this cruel world to you.. in my honest opinion she could've waited but thats me!" my grandmother had said. Now lets ride, were going to go take you to the guest house in Virginia.. so you need to get plenty of rest, I was relieved that I knew who I was but I still had lots of questions but for the tine being I guess I will get some rest.

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