Abduction; ON HOLD [Fan Fiction of Film]

Noah Huntz, was a normal child. He went to school like any other kid in Nebraska. He was a popular regular seventeen year old high schooler, but something that was abnormal was that he was an adopted child.. he doesn't know that though. Come on the adventure with Noah to find out who he is..


2. Mom.... Dad?

"Noah, your parents aren't who they say they are..." I couldn't believe what was happening.. Where in the hell are my parents? Why.. Who?? All of these things were running through my mind. I yelled and shouted but there wasn't no sound except for birds chirping in the yard. My heart started racing as I heard someone enter the wooden door. My first instinct was to run to my and await until the intruder or my parents came into my surroundings. All I could hear was a man telling someone to find the boy. I wanted to cry but my dad had trained me to me strong and I was going to keep my promise. So what I had done was wiped the tears on my sleeve and crawled and charged towards the window.. What the freak was I thinking?! I couldn't do this! I was to much of a coward, I stopped and remembered that my father had given me a pistol in my closet in my safe. I could hear someone walking up the stairs. I started to panic and rushed to my safe and did the code.. BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP went the safe as I entered the four digit code. I had gotten the pistol and just wondered for a second what was going to happen to me. I felt very downcast but what I had done was went to my closet and awaited for the intruder to come in. I could sense someone in my room, all I did what stood there asking myself why this is happening to me. I began to freeze in the place that I had stood and I could hear a man it had seemed to be, breathing very heavily. As I went to step back, my foot had accidently hit the closet. I know that I just blew my only chance of being a noble and brave person. So what I had done was wait until the person to open the closet.

     It was a man in his mid-twenties and this man was wearing silky looking suit that appeared to be grey. He had jet black hair.. "I have found him!" he shouted. He grabbed my arm tightly and before he could see, I slipped the gun in my back and he took me! About four other men had came to the closet door where my body had stood. They all had looked at me as if they had found a diamond in a drought without nothing being there. "Yes.. About Damn Time We Have Found Your Ass." said a man in his fifties. My money was that he was the leader of their little posse. "Sir... What Shall We Do With Him" said one of the men crowding over me.. "Just Take Him To The Van" said the eldest one. So that was exactly what the man had done.


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