Abduction; ON HOLD [Fan Fiction of Film]

Noah Huntz, was a normal child. He went to school like any other kid in Nebraska. He was a popular regular seventeen year old high schooler, but something that was abnormal was that he was an adopted child.. he doesn't know that though. Come on the adventure with Noah to find out who he is..


1. Everyday Life

It was any ordinary Monday.. Noah Huntz had awakened from the sound of his alarm clock, beside his bed. He could smell the vanilla scented candles as he had gotten up for school. "Oh Crap" shouted Noah "It's Monday.." Noah Huntz rushed into the bathroom and when he turned on the light his toothbrush and toothpaste sat on the sink.. His eyes had to adjust to the light room.. "Damn" he whispered as the light shined in his face. He brushed his teeth, took a quick shower and head down for breakfast.. For some reason, Noah always awoken early. "Mom!" Yelled Noah across the room.. No one had answerd... "MOM!" He yelled once more.. He had rushed upstairs and went to his mother and fathers room. When Noah went inside.. The windows were busted and there was a noted that said....

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