Little Perfections

He never saw it coming.
She was taken away so abruptly.

Everything was going perfectly until then.
But it did happen and he needs to move on.
He's trying to.

Though, its not as easy with a child by his side.
To top it all off, he's been offered a promotion.
And so he needs a nanny to take care of
his daughter when he's at work.

But when things are given to his mates hands,
he has absolutely no idea who he will come across.


1. Prologue: Giggles and Laundry Rooms

Little Perfections

Prologue: Giggles and Laundry Rooms

It was the middle of the night, the night sky light up the moon when her crying woke him up again. Although it interrupted his sleep, he couldn’t help but smile at her soft whining. He felt Lauren’s body stir next to him, clearly disturbed by their daughters faint sobbing.

Harry had met Lauren about a couple of years ago, when he and his friends were in a little band, singing in different pubs. That’s what they used to do. They were a group of friends since they could remember and decided to form a small band since some of them could play instruments –like the guitar and drums –and all of them had singing talents.

She was at some of their shows; but she wasn’t exactly a fan. Lauren actually worked at one of the pubs they used to perform in; she was behind the bar serving drinks. She often caught herself staring at them, well mostly him, before looking away, blushing at the thought of someone noticing.

Harry could see her though, from the front of the stage, as he would sing his lines into the microphone. He found it adorable that she was ashamed and that she was trying to distract herself by cleaning the glass counter top or re-reorganizing the bottles of liquor for what he thought was the hundredth time.

Lauren found herself surprised and singing along when she saw them come back to the pub for a second performance. And a third. And a fourth. And a seventh before it became their regular ‘spot’.

The other four didn’t really recognize her, thinking it was just another person they had probably came across with. Just another bartender.

But not to Harry. No, he was intrigued, in some twisted way, wanting to know more about her. That one specific curly headed boy remembered her better than he remember the lines to his favourite songs. He remembered the way her eyes were wide with horror as she caught herself starring for too long or how she always filled the glasses with the right amount of everything. Even after the only few times he saw her, he still remembered the way her wavy hair fell right up to her waist and the way her nose would scrunch up in disgust when something would loath her.

After building up the courage to speak to her, he sat himself down on one of the stools ordering a drink before engaging a small conversation with her…

Those were the years where he had the crazy thick, curly mop of curls over his head and a slightly less muscular body. He was just as cheeky then and always had that grin on his face. If she thought he was good looking then, then she had no idea what to think of him today.

Everything from their relationship from then on only went up.

After spending an amazing time together during a date, he decided to take her out more often. Dates turned into spending the night at his flat or vice-versa, and in the couple of months that succeeded, they decided to make things official.

Lauren was determined to move in with Harry in a new flat that they would call their home. Later on in the following year, she was pregnant and the next thing they knew, they were bringing a little baby girl back home.

All these amazing memories came flooding back to Harry’s mind as he looked at Lauren shifting around and opening her eyes. As she readjusted to the dark room only light up by the moonlight, she looked up at Harry with an amused expression.

“Your daughter is calling for you,” Lauren said softly, a small smile resting on her face.

He breathed out a laugh, leaving a small peck at the tip of her nose. She sighed, bringing her hands up to his neck and pulling him down, causing his bare chest to touch hers. She lifted her head, pressing her lips to his, melting into a simple kiss. Lauren felt him trace her bottom lip with the tip of his tongue, wanting to deepen the kiss, and just as she was about to grant him permission, she heard the soft whining of her beautiful daughter once again.

“Harry,” she breathed out as she looked him in the eyes, her hands on his broad chest to create a slight distance. “Darcy,” she reminded him.

He looked down at her, smiling, as he stepped out of the covers and shivered, his body longing the warmth under the covers.

His bare feet padded towards the noise coming from the nursery, the crying becoming louder and louder as he got closer. And just as always, right when he stepped through the door, she stopped.

“You cheeky little one,” he spoke to her in a hushed tone with a playful grin.

He couldn’t believe that this little human being was his that through love, Lauren and he created this beautiful little girl that he would die for.

He picked her up from her crib and she let out a little girly squeal, smiling through her baby tears. He brought her close to his chest, securing his arms around her fragile body as she nuzzled her tear stained face in her daddy’s neck.

When they reached their bedroom, Lauren’s face was painted with affection as she saw the man she loved carry her baby girl in his arms. Although there being a noticeable difference in the size of their bodies –his being muscular, well-built and Darcy’s being fragile and minuscule compared to his –they we’re practically identical. Each time she looked from Harry’s face to her little girl’s, Lauren seemed to notice more and more resemblances. They both shared the famous chocolate colour curls, granted hers being less voluminous and shorter, the same twinkling green eyes, and that oh so gorgeous smile. Every time she laughed or grinned, that beautiful smile would appear on her daughter’s face with those dimples –that she got from her father – poking her cheeks.

She was the best anyone could ask for. She was an angel. Her angel. Their angel. Yes, she would probably cry at night to seek her parent’s attention or whine when something didn’t go the way her baby mind would have planned but she’s a child, and that’s what children do. Besides that, there was nothing else Harry and Lauren could complain about. She ate her food without protesting all the time, played with her toys without bothering anyone and most of all; she meant the world to her parents.

From the day she was born and brought home, their love for her was unconditional and they promised they would be there for her no matter what happened and that they would never land a single hand on her.

She looked up at the both of them, as they approached the bottom of their bed, Darcy’s smile brighter than ever as she saw her mum.

“Hey you,” she beamed at her baby, taking her from Harry’s tight grip. “You just like to wake your daddy up for him to bring you here, don’t you?” she teased in high-pitched baby voice. In response, she just got a giggle and a ‘ba-ba-ba’, earning a deep chuckle from Harry.

Lauren laid the infant next to her, resting her small head on her shoulder. The bed dipped at her other side as she felt the warmth of his body behind her. He placed a strong arm around her waist, pulling her closer to his chest and placing a kiss on her shoulder, causing goose bumps rise on that area of her skin. She could tell that he was smirking from experience but before anything could go any further –even though nothing like that would ever happen in front of Darcy –they heard a low grumble coming from the little girl’s belly.

“I think she’s hungry,” Harry suggested, not entirely sure, making Lauren let out a small laugh. He was the kind of dad that always wanted to make sure everything was fine, even the smallest things. He was always nervous that something wasn’t right, even when he thought he knew what the problem was; he wanted to make sure by asking Lauren, to be assured. She always thought that it was really cute and reassuring, which is why she never doubted, even for a second, that he would be the best father Darcy could ask for.

Lauren let out a hum –the one he fell in love with –before replying, “Yeah, so do I.”

Darcy was still in her breastfeeding stage, so like most of the nights, this was the usual time she would be hungry. Lauren pulled down the collar of her shirt, goose bumps rising on her newly exposed skin as the cool air hit it, letting her breast fall free before placing Darcy’s mouth on the nub.

From the back, Harry was looking at this scene that he would never get tired of watching. He never thought that seeing his little one being breastfed would have him this mesmerized. Hell, he never thought he would be in this position; in bed with a girl he was way too deep in love with and a little baby girl.


Harry woke up again in the morning, feeling happier than ever until he felt the emptiness next to him on the bed. He felt a little disoriented before he heard the soft giggles of his daughter and the sound of pans. He suddenly felt calm once again, a small smile forming on his lips.

He got out of bed, softly walking towards the kitchen before stopping in the hallway to take in the scene in front of him. It was one of the most breathtaking ones. There she was, standing over the stove, more beautiful than ever. This was the way he liked her, no make-up, in a pair of shorts and a tank top with her hair put up in a messy bun. She was smiling this astounding smile as she talked in a baby voice to the little girl, that little girl that was his everything. Harry saw the way she looked at their daughter –full of love and admiration; she praised that child. Darcy was sitting in her high-chair, her hair still dishevelled because of her sleep, laughing at whatever her mum was telling her.

“Good morning beautiful,” Harry greeted in a raspy morning voice, startling Lauren, who was clearly oblivious to his presence.

“Hi,” she whispered, as she hooked her arms around his neck, pulling him down for a morning kiss.

“Hey there princess,” Harry cooed, turning his attention to the baby girl.

He cautiously picked her up from her high chair and placed small pecks over her cheek and neck, causing her to giggle. There wasn’t anything more beautiful to those two adults than the sound of their daughter laughing. It brought them this kind of happiness that no matter how much of a bad mood they were in, they couldn’t help but smile.

After breakfast, it was already past noon. Harry and Lauren were in their laundry room, taking out the dry clothes from the machines while Darcy was in her crib, having her nap.

He was watching her every moves. From the way she would slightly bend down to retrieve the clothes to the way she would put that strand of hair back every time her head would bow. He always paid extra attention to anything that had to do with her. And he could tell that there was a change in her; a very noticeable one actually. Ever since she gave birth to Darcy, she was a completely different person. She turned into a woman.

“Come here you,” he said as he pulled her closer to him by her arms.

She obliged, snuggling herself into his chest before his back hit the wall. She wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him down to level their height. Lauren lifted her head up, placing open mouthed kisses up his neck, making him shiver. She teased that vain that would always pop out of his neck and stopped when she reached his sweet spot, right where his jaw met his neck, to slowly bite down on the area as he hissed.

“Lauren,” he moaned, his voice barely above a whisper.

He tightened his arms around her waist before swiftly flipping them around and backing her up against the wall.  He lifted up her legs, wrapping them around his waist as he supported her weight with his thighs. He wasted no time to attack her lips with his own, surprising her. Their mouths moved in synch, creating a heated but slow kiss. She moaned into the kiss, earning a smirk from Harry before he pulled away, tugging on her lower lip.

He latched his lips on her jaw up to the spot behind her ears where he knew was her sensitive spot. With the tip of his tongue, he licked the outer shell of her ear before sucking on her earlobe. Just as he was about to lift the hem of her shirt, she stopped him.

“Harry,” she breathed out, completely flushed from their heated moment. He didn’t seem to be fazed by her protestations, pulling her shirt up to her waist. “Harry,” she tried again, a bit louder, “I can’t.”

His actions came to a halt and as he looked at her, confusion clear in his eyes. His brows furrowed, his lips pouting as he asked her, “Why not? We never get to–”

“I know,” she cut him off, sighing. It was true though. They never got to have private moments together anymore, well barely. “I promised that I would drop of my documents at the office by two today, and considering the traffic and the heavy rain, it’ll take an eternity.”

Harry, being the grumpy one that he is, seemed unfazed by her explanation and his pout only deepened.

“But I miss you,” he complained. “I miss you,” he whispered in her ear as his hands outlined the curves of her body.

She hummed –that one he fell in love with –and tried to reason with him. “Tell you what? How about we drop off Darcy at Niall’s tonight, and you and I go out. Anywhere you want,” she smiled at him.

“I want to take you to dinner,” he said with a serious tone, “on an actual date.”

“A date it is,” Lauren grinned, reaching up to place a chaste kiss on his lips.

“I love you.”

“I love you,” she smiled back.

Lauren slipped through his embrace, heading towards the door before he spoke again.

Be careful, babe.”





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