Little Perfections

He never saw it coming.
She was taken away so abruptly.

Everything was going perfectly until then.
But it did happen and he needs to move on.
He's trying to.

Though, its not as easy with a child by his side.
To top it all off, he's been offered a promotion.
And so he needs a nanny to take care of
his daughter when he's at work.

But when things are given to his mates hands,
he has absolutely no idea who he will come across.


3. Chapter 2: Blushing Nannies and Chicken Parmesan

Little Perfections

Chapter 2: Blushing Nannies and Chicken Parmesan

Saying that Harry Styles was nervous would be an understatement.

He left his only baby in the hands of a not so stranger today, for the first time.

He is beyond anxious; the thought of something going wrong driving insane. He has butterflies in his stomach.

Albeit the edgy feeling he felt, he knew he could trust this babysitter; while he was watching them bond the other day, he thought that this idea could actually work.

Just to make sure Darcy was in the right hands, he invited Audrey to stay a little longer the day she showed up to take up the sitter offer. He didn’t ask her to do anything in particular to demonstrate her capability of taking care of a child. They just sat in the living room, the TV playing some cartoon, set on a low volume, as the two just talked about their schedules and Darcy; when she had to pick her up from school or her preferences and if she had any allergies or when to put her to bed if Harry was to come home a little later because of work some night.

Though, even when Lauren was around, they had promised each other that family would always come first, no matter what. Harry still held his word and his first priority would always be Darcy, though now, their budget wasn’t very limited, just a little tight, and so a little boost would really help them both.

After two or three hours, they finally got to know each other a lot better than the attractive father and young good-looking nanny. He learnt that Audrey was a 25 year old university student, though her classes only filled up her morning schedule. She had learnt how to supervise a child as her old neighbour sometime needed her to keep an eye on theirs. Acknowledging that Audrey was probably his best choice, he decided to give it a go and had a feeling that everything would just be perfect. And she instantly connected with Darcy, which was a plus because obviously, she was going to be her nanny...

As Harry thought more and more about it, he seemed to loosen up a bit, glancing at the clock on the grey wall. He was currently at his office and seemed to be checking the time every three minutes so he could go home and check up on his daughter, to make sure she was fed, had done her homework and was okay.

“You okay Harry?” He turned his head towards the door, not realizing that Zayn was standing there. He gave him a short nod and brought his eyes back to his computer screen. “Y’a seem a bit out of it today.”

Harry closed his eyes, pinching the bridge of his nose as he deeply inhaled, letting his chest rise before slowly exhaling. “Yeah. It’s just been a long day and I’m a bit worried about Darcy, to be honest.”

Zayn looked around the hallways before entering Harry’s little cubicle, also known as his office. “So the online babysitter thing worked, eh?”

“Well sort of, if you don’t count the ten first ones,” he sent Zayn a joking glare to which he rolled his eyes.

“Whatever,” he mumbled. “So the nanny, Abby her name was?”

“Audrey,” he corrected him.

“Right. Audrey. What’s she like?” he immaturely wiggled his eyebrows at him with a smirk.

Harry scrunched up his face, sending Zayn the ‘what the fuck’ look before adding, “ Zayn. First off, I’ve only spent three hours with her–”

“Not like it’s bothered you before,” he added without skipping a beat.

“Yeah, like about eight years ago,” Harry rolled his eyes. “And two, I don’t think girls our age are interested into men with children. Plus, she’s my daughter’s nanny; I’m not that much of an ass.”

“You overthink stuff too much,” his mate told him carelessly. He looked over at his friend, completely serious before he chirped, “Is she hot?”

“Zayn!” Harry exasperatedly half shouted half screamed.

He chuckled, amused by his irritated friend before he continued, “Fine. Just answer the question and I’ll leave you alone.” Harry just glared at him. “Is she bangable?” he eagerly asked with a snigger.

“You’re unbelievable,” he breathed out, before a smile broke out of his serious expression, “If I didn’t have a child, then maybe I’d consider it, but I do have one and I’m not into shagging my daughter’s nanny.”

Zayn just stood there, smirking as Harry’s cheek were slightly flushed before he had enough.

“Now I believe you said you would leave me the hell alone if I answered you, now go fuck yourself” the curly haired boy, or man, kicked him out with a grin.

“Whatever you say, Styles!” Zayn shouted as he exited the cubicle to head to his own and get to work.


As Harry slipped the key through the door and pushed it open, he could hear a very familiar voice he would recognize anywhere and a second one who he’d come to know of a couple of days ago.

“I’m home!” Harry exclaimed as he hung his jacket and soon enough, he could hear the sound of her soft feeding padding against the floor as she ran towards him.

“Daddy!” shrieked as she threw herself into his chest, tightly wrapping her arms around his neck.

“Ooh, I’ve missed you lovebug,” he said, peppering her cheeks with light kisses.

“I missed you too Daddy,” Darcy pouted as she held onto his long finger, deep in thought. Suddenly, her big eyes widened before she screeched, “Look who’s here Papa!”

And as if on cue, Audrey appeared from the hallway, looking up at the father who was holding the child she babysits hand. “Mr. Styles,” she greeted.

“No, no, please. You can call me Harry,” he grinned, a deep blush creeping up on Audrey’s cheeks.

She suddenly felt a bit insecure since she was dressed in the most casual attire from her closet; black tights with a burgundy knitted sweater that fell right under her backside, albeit not revealing much. Normally, she wouldn’t really care that others would judge her –especially men –but this guy, Christ he was like a God, she thought to herself.

How he managed to work full-time, take care of a daughter by himself –not that she was difficult, just the effort and amount of time- and look this good was really all her mind could actually think about. His curls were swept back on his head, creating a sort of curly quiff, his green eyes sparkly as ever with his mouth twitched into a toothy smirk.

It took her another beat of silence to realize that he was grinning at her; that he had caught her staring at him, probably looking at him like he was the last piece of meat.

He cheekily cleared his throat as he asked, “So how was it?”

“How was what?” she quickly asked, completely flustered.

He chuckled. “Taking care of Darcy, Audrey.”

Mortified, her cheeks were burning, as she lightly laughed at her own stupidity and to ease her embarrassment. “Yeah, she was amazing. Sweetest girl I’ve ever met; also one of the most beautiful. An absolute angel; she’s got manners, she’s fun to hang around with –ooh, and plus, she’s got the most alluring dolls,” she complimented genuinely; a smile on her lips as she shuffled the blushing six year olds hair, “Aren’t you Darcy?”

Her comment made him feel proud of himself, for raising such a wonderful child but most importantly, he felt proud of his daughter, even though she had yet to achieve so many objectives in her life.

Crouching down next to her, he smiled widely, kissing her cheek, softly whispering ‘I love you’ in her ear before asking Darcy, “So what do we say, love?”

“Thank you!” she squealed, running in to her new nanny’s arms.


After paying her, repeatedly thanking her and biding her goodbye, Audrey had left, though promising the same routine tomorrow.

Harry was cooking Chicken Parmesan, and the smell was floating in the air, and strong enough to get through the outside door, where his mates were trying to get in.

“Louis” Liam hissed, “Are you sure the keys are in the flower pot?”

“No...Not quite”

“Guys, maybe it’s under the matt” one of the four suggested.

“He’s not that stu–”

“Aha!” Louis held up the key in victory.

With the new found object, they opened the door to Harry’s house, walking around with drooling mouths.

“Chicken Parmesan,” Niall chirped, “great choice; one of my favourites.”

“Bloody hell!” Harry shouted, startled by his ‘mates’. “The fuck are you doing in my house, wankers?”

“Nothing, really just checking up on you.”

“Get lost,” he groaned. Rolling his eyes, he turned back to his cooking, making sure nothing was burnt.


“So Darce, how do you like your new nanny?” Niall questioned at Harry’s dinner table, finding it the best time to bring it up.

“I really, really like her. She’s super nice and pretty and she says I’m very pretty and that I’ve got real nice dolls!” the little girl exclaimed with excitement.

“Does she now?”

She nodded her vigorously, her hair bobbing up and down. “And,” she emphasized, “We had loads of fun! She gave me four cookies,” she exclaimed, holding up the right number of fingers, knowing that her father would usually only giver her one or two. “Then we watched TV, and there was a big monster,” she explained, putting her arms in front of her, a large amount of space between them, her eyes wide as she continued, “but then Audrey said that it was only in the movies and that...”

As Darcy started blabbering about her amazing time with her nanny, the boys just stared at her, mesmerized about how fast she was talking and growing up, but then diverting their gaze towards Harry, smirking as they knew about the subject to come after Darcy was put to bed.


Harry was lying in Darcy’s small bed, waiting her return from the bathroom when he heard the toilet flush and a tired Darcy appear from the door. He gently smiled at her, opening his arms ahead of him, suggesting a hug.

She rubbed her hands over her tired eyes, her pyjama shirt lifting up slightly. Her belly button poked out from the lifted hem as she walked towards her daddy, raising her arms to wrap them tightly around his neck.

“Mmmh,” he cooed in her ear, “tired my love, aren’t you?” to which she nodded. “Ok then, let’s get you to bed, sleepyhead.”

Darcy removed herself from his grasp and he moved down to sit by the side of her bed, leaving the space to her. She lifted one leg then the other, her short height preventing her from getting on easily, and he helped her get under the covers, all warm and snuggled.

“There we go my love,” he whispered, placing a kiss on each of her cheeks before resting his lips on her forehead. “Goodnight, Darcy.”

“Night, Daddy.”

He stayed by her side a while, to make sure she didn’t need anything and when he thought she asleep, he got up to leave her room before her angelic voice caught his attention.

“Is Audrey coming over again tomorrow,” her groggy voice asked.

“Yeah, she is. Now get some rest baby,” he smiled at her before slipping through the door.




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