Little Perfections

He never saw it coming.
She was taken away so abruptly.

Everything was going perfectly until then.
But it did happen and he needs to move on.
He's trying to.

Though, its not as easy with a child by his side.
To top it all off, he's been offered a promotion.
And so he needs a nanny to take care of
his daughter when he's at work.

But when things are given to his mates hands,
he has absolutely no idea who he will come across.


2. Chapter 1: Scribbled Drawings and Disastrous Nannies

Little Perfections

Chapter 1: Scribbled Drawings and Disastrous Nannies

Harry gradually brought to car to a halt as he approached the building, and parked it near the entrance. It was almost three, and Darcy would be out here any minute now.

He turned off the ignition before putting his essentials in his pockets. Glancing around the car to make sure he had everything, his eyes landed on the little picture of her between the cup holders in the middle.

It was her. Lauren. God, she was so beautiful. Her hair was fanned out around her, like a halo; just like she was an angel. Her eyes were squeezed shut as she was lying on the bed, her mouth formed into a huge smile. And on her chest, there was that little girl that had stolen both their hearts. Six months old Darcy was settled on top of her, her neck craned and her baby arms pushing on Lauren’s chest so she could get a view of her mother.

The picture had been taken from the side; the shine in Darcy’s eyes and her grin so wide it showed off her still growing baby teeth.

Harry felt his heart tighten and this painful feeling hit his chest as he stared at the two most beautiful girls that had become his world. 

He tried not to think about it. Honestly, he didn’t want to think about it.

But it wasn’t fair.

The memories came flooding back, one after the other, and he just couldn’t seem to make them go away. Even though he was a grown man, during the nights he still got nightmares from the events that had occurred six years ago.

But the worst part is he wasn’t even there.

Everything he knows, everything he pictures in his mind are just what the doctors and police men had told him. And hell does it make him feel guilty. Every day he blames himself for what had happened to her because it was just so unfair.

Unfair to Darcy.

Unfair to Lauren herself.

And unfair to Harry.

Tears were threatening to well up in his eyes as he remembered the shocking words of the doctors. That day was a clear as water for him.

He remembers how right after about an hour, he got a call from the hospital, informing him that Lauren was brought in and quickly ushered to the emergency room. He remembers the way his heart beat started to pick up and the panic coursing through his veins as was trying not to think of the worst that could have happened to her.

Though, what happened was a thousand times worse than he could ever really imagine.

He remembers how he rushed to Niall’s, dropping Darcy off there, not liking the idea of bringing her to the last place he’d want her to be. Everything was so fresh in his mind, even though he lived this years ago. From the moment he hurried to the hospital to the moment he got the tragic news, he felt as if his heart was going to burst through his chest.

He wanted so badly to see her, to know if she was okay and that little reassurance would have been able to take him through the day. He recalls not being able to feel anything nor see as the officer was explaining him the events that had occurred; his limbs were numb and tears were streaming down his eyes, staining his cheeks.

He remembers the exact words that been said to him, trying to clarify incident.

They told him she had been hit by a car; that the driver’s vision was blurred as the rain was pouring and pounding hard against his windshield. When the police had been warned of the accident, they had rushed as fast as they could to the intersection where it had occurred but it was too late.

They told him that when they found her in her car, the windshield was shattered and there were pieces of glass everywhere; including Lauren’s body. Her head was against the steering wheel, sharp bits of glass poking in her head as she was continuously loosing needed blood. There was shattered glass everywhere; most of the windows –including the drivers –were shattered as the impact of the cars coming forcibly into contact with each other.

They had tried everything they could in order to get her body to function again; to help her, but it was no good.

They had lost all signals of response from her body a couple of hours after her rushed arrival to the emergency room.

Nothing was the same anymore. He was lost. He became weak. And he was losing it.

Harry closed his eyes shut, pinching the bridge of his nose as he tried to shake the unwanted thoughts from his head. His eyes landed on the time, realizing that it was now a quarter past three –not noticing the time slipping by –and that Darcy was probably waiting for him in her classroom.

He stepped out of the car, as a gust of harsh icy wind hit his face, making him shiver. Shoving his hands in his pockets, he swiftly walked toward the building, sighing as the warmth of the inside soothed his burning cheeks.

He made his way towards the well known classroom he’d been dropping off and picking up Darcy from and let himself in the colorful room.

There she was, dressed in jeans and a red t-shirt, dancing in the middle of the classroom with her friends along to the music. Her long brown curls were jumping up and down with each movement of her head, and her face was an exact replica of her father. Deep green eyes adorned with thick, long lashes were squeezed shut as she was squealing, her mouth twitched in a perfect dimpled grin, exactly like her fathers.

As he was watching her with admiration, it took her some time to realize that she was being observed. Her gaze fell on her Daddy, eyes widening as she stopped what she was doing and ran towards him. Harry crouched down right in time to catch her, engulfing her in a tight hug.

“Daddy!” she squealed, burying her head in his neck and wrapping her arms firmly around it.

“Hi pumpkin,” he greeted, placing a couple of kisses on her hair. “I missed you sweetheart.”

Her only reply was a giggle, accompanied by a bright smile. Quickly, she ran to one of the kid sized tables, her eyes scanning the surface as she was looking for the specific paper. As she was deep in thought, her eyes landed on the paper she was looking and came back running towards him with it.

“Look daddy! Look what I did!” she squealed proudly, holding up the paper.

Harry let out a laugh, as he looked at the drawing. There, drawn in multicolored pencils, was scribbled a picture of a tall man with a hedge of curly hair on his head –obviously being Harry –and another stick figure with a differentiable height. This one had long her and was holding a brown teddy bear by its paw in one hand and the other holding the first one’s hand. Around the two were pink and red hearts, drawn in different ways –some being longer or other wider –but it didn’t matter to him. This was perfect.

As Harry was starring at the picture in awe, a third voice brought him out of his astonished stupor.

“She’s really an amazing person, isn’t she?” said the voice as Harry lifted up his head, smiling at the person he had come to know of very well. “Hi Harry.”

“Elena,” he nodded in acknowledgement with a grin, before looking down at Darcy. “Love, will you go get your backpack and your coat from the hangers please?”

Nodding, she scurried away, leaving Harry and Elena some time to chat.

“Yeah,” Harry said in agreement, “she’s perfect,” he continued as he was watching his little girl put on her winter jacket. “And she’s growing up so fast,” he added with a laugh, but the sadness being evident on his face.

There was a beat of silence before Elena turned to Harry, feeling a little nervous.

“So it’s almost Christmas.”

“Yeah, I know. Already.”

“And we’re throwing a party here, with all the kids and their parents…”

“Oh yeah? When?”

“Yeah, next Friday and the kids are planning all these activities and bringing cookies and all the other junk foods. There’ll be music, games and meals and it would be nice if you could join, and bring some friends along of course.” Elena trailed off, not knowing how her invitation will be accepted.

“Definitely,” he replied with a smirk, making her blush for the umpteenth time since they met. “I’d love to.”

Just in time, Darcy came running back, her oversized beanie slipping over her head and covering her eyes.

“You silly monkey,” he joked as he readjusted it, earning a smile from her teacher and a giggle from his daughter. “You ready to go?”

“Mmhm,” she hummed, making his heart sink as he remembered the lovely hum of her mother, before she skipped towards the classroom entrance.

“So I’ll see you on Monday?”

“Yeah, have a nice week-end.”

“Same to you.”

“Bye Elena!” Darcy shouted from the other end of the class.

After they both exchanged their goodbyes, Harry and his baby hopped in their car before freezing to their core. The drive to her Uncle Niall’s house was short and peaceful, with a silly Darcy singing the only few words she could catch in a song.

As they approached the drive way, he brought the car to a halt, unbuckled Darcy and they walked towards the entrance of her uncle’s house. Though, also having stolen one of his clumsy features, she didn’t see the little patch of ice but before her Daddy could catch her, she slipped and fell: bum first followed by her legs hanging in the air, landing with a painful noise.

Soon, her loud cries could be heard and Harry immediately bent down next to her, picking up her body and pulling her to his chest.

“Oh, my love,” he cooed, “are you okay? Are you hurt, baby?” he questioned her, worry filling his expression when she nodded. “Where baby? Tell me where it hurts.”

Her tears were soaking his shirt from the unbuttoned buttons of his trench coat, but he couldn’t care any less. She just clung to him, her arms tight around his neck as she shakily brought her hands behind her, motioning the area of the back of her thighs, where it was soaked wet from the ice.

Harry picked her up, not caring that she was now six years old and that she could walk for herself, before walking up the stairs to Niall’s house, all along whispering in Darcy’s ear ‘I’m here for you’ ’s and ‘It’s okay, you’ll be alright’ ’s.

When the front door opened and Niall’s voice was ringing in their ears, Darcy slowly lifted up her head and wiped her tears with the back of her hands.

“Hey there munchkin!” Niall greeted the unhappy little girl. “Why the sad face love? Is Daddy being a little pain in the–” Harry shot him a glare before he could finish his sentence. “Is Daddy being a little meanie?” he took again, playfully rolling his eyes as Darcy giggled at his use of words.

As they both stepped inside, Niall took off with Darcy in his arms while Harry was hanging up the jackets and putting aside their boots.

“Hey boys, look who’s here!” Niall beamed to the other three that were hanging around in the kitchen.

Darcy squealed, jumping out of her uncle’s arms, and hugging each of her other favourite boys.

“Look at you Darcy,” Louis started, “growing up so fast.” He gave her hair a ruffle, earning a laugh from the little girl. “So tell me, Miss Styles, any boyfriends at the moment?” he questioned her with a mischievous grin.

“There’ll be none of those until she’s about thirty,” came in Harry’s voice. And him.


They were all sitting around Niall’s rather small dining table, in the same order as they always do; Zayn and Niall on the two ends and Liam and Harry on one side and Louis and Darcy on the other.

This is what they would usually do on Fridays. Sit around at someone’s house, have dinner and some drinks and talk about everything and anything.

Darcy scurried away to the living area, getting bored of the men’s conversation about sports, and started playing with the dolls she always kept at her uncle Niall’s.

Deciding it was a good opportunity to bring it up, Harry informed his friends about his new job offer. They all congratulated him until Liam...

“So what about Darcy?” he asked.

“I know,” Harry huffed, “I’ll have to work a couple of more hours in the evenings and I’m not really comfortable with leaving her with a babysitter; that’s why in rethinking about accepting the offer.”

They all paused.

“There’s this site–” Zayn offered but before he could finish, Harry objected.

“No,” he said firmly, “definitely not.”

“Why not? It might–” he tried again.

“Seriously? Who in their right mind would leave their child with a complete stranger as a nanny? And off the internet, might I add,” Harry stated, shaking his head.

“Haz, he’s right,” Liam stepped in. “You could just spend a day with each of them and see which one really pleases you. Might not be such a bad idea.”

After numerous amount of time of them bickering back and forth, Harry decided to give it a try but clearly said, ‘If anything happens, I will have each of your balls on a silver platter’.


After about ten different women came into his house, claiming that they could take care of child but none of them really being capable of doing so, Harry was close to giving up. He soon had to make up his mind and tell his boss if he was willing to accept the improved job offer or not.

As he was waiting for yet another nanny to arrive, he tried to recall every ‘nannies’ he’s seen.

First off was an old lady whom when Harry first got a glimpse of her, knew that she was so old and weak that she probably couldn’t stand on her own.

Then somewhere along, there were two young girl scouts who were willing to take care of the six year old, but he politely declined them.

There were also many other interesting babysitters who were ready to take the offer for a good amount of money but they just seemed to put Harry off. But before Harry could drive himself insane with this crazy idea, his daughter’s voice snapped him out of his trance.

“But Daddy! I don’t want a nanny!” Darcy whined, not liking the idea of having a babysitter if they were to look like all the others she’d caught a glimpse of.

“Love, we’ve been through this before. Daddy’s going to have to work later at nights, and she’s only going to pick you up from school, give you a snack and help you with your homework,” Harry reasoned, continuing when he saw of sign of happiness in her eyes. “She might even play dolls with you when you’re done.”

Darcy’s pout only deepened, but before Harry could respond, there was a knock on the door and he went to get.

“Hi,” he greeted as he opened the door. As soon as his eyes fell on her face, his jaw literally dropped.

One because that little string of hope he had of finding a nanny with the least bit of sanity was standing in front of him –or so he wished.

And secondly because she was gorgeous. Like, really, really pretty. For some reason, Harry was expecting another woman a little older, in her late thirties or forties –or even seventies for that matter –not expecting such a young woman. She was beautiful. Her hair was a light brown, long and wavy right up to above her hips, a strand pushed back behind her ear. His eyes traveled up and down her body, taking in all her curves defined by her tight skinnies and her fitting black t-shirt. Her grey eyes were staring right back at him, like she was stunned by his beauty as well.

Even though he was about twenty-eight right now, he still looked as charming as ever. His facial hair was more visible now, though he constantly shaved it due to the light scratches it left upon Darcy’s skin when he peppered her with kisses.

Harry cleared his throat, smirking at her before continuing, “I’m Harry,” he stuck his arm in front of him as to shake her hand.

“Audrey,” she said softly, a slight blush creeping up her cheeks when she noticed him starring at her.

“Well com’on in then, it’s freezing out there.” He stepped aside, letting her in before he felt tiny hands tug at the bottom of his jeans.

Harry turned around and crouched down to Darcy’s level. “Love, this is Audrey, the one we’ve been talking about.”

She shyly looked up at her from beneath her lashes, and waved timidly.

“Hi beautiful, I’m Audrey, what’s your name?”

“Darcy,” she quietly whispered, earning a smile from the nanny.

“Well Darcy, I think we’re going to spend an amazing time together!” Audrey beamed at the bashful girl.

All while looking at the two girls, he kept praying to himself that just maybe, this woman would be able to take care of the most important person in his life.

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