Fake Marriage (Harry) *ON HOLD*

4 (Liam is taken)gorgeous,non-famous boys that need help from one certain girl.Who will she choose?(Harry) There will be other versions of the other boys so calm down and let me finish this version FIRST.


2. The Boys

Kelly's P.O.V

I came back to the cafe.Not expecting to see..4 gorgeous boys sitting on a table around my uncle.One boy I recognize was Niall.They saw me and I noticed another boy.The boy that was from the wedding shop.Uncle got up and took the groceries from my hands.

Uncle:Go ahead and go sit down with the boys.

I nodded and sat next to Niall.It was really awkward because the boys were staring at me except for the curly dude.He was just sitting down staring at his drink quietly.Finally Uncle came back.

Uncle:Okay.Boys..this is my niece Kelly Marie Collen.

The boys said their hi's and I said hi back.

Uncle:Okay now let's talk some business.

Me:So why am I here?

Uncle:Your mom told me you needed a job?

Me:Oh yes!I have been trying to look for a job!

Uncle:Well these for boys need help with something.A big help.

Me:Who are they anyway?

Uncle:They are boys from my basketball team.

Me:I mean their names uncle...


He pointed to a guy with brown hair and blue eyes.

Uncle:That's Louis,he's a magazine worker.

He then pointed to Niall.

Uncle:That's Niall.He is a comedian.

He pointed to a guy with black hair.

Uncle:That's Zayn and he's a lawyer.

He finally pointed to that curly guy.

Uncle:And that's Harry.He's a scientist in training.

Me:Okay so what do I have to do?

Uncle:Let's do that later but first I am hungry.Anyone else hungry?

Niall,Louis,Zayn:I am!

They all stood up except for Harry.He was staring down at his hands.He noticed me looking and I quickly looked away.

???:Touchdown!He made the score!

I turned around to see the television turned on.It showed football which is boring.Except for the guys and Uncle.They were all worked up and they were cheering.I saw Niall filling his mouth with random food on the table.I shook my head and went to the bathroom.I did my 'business' and flushed the toilet.I came out of the restroom and I bumped into a hard wall..but it was warm and I heard fast heartbeats.I looked up and saw Harry..Shit.I blushed in embarrassment.I quickly got back to my seat and saw Uncle and the other guys in their chairs talking to each other.I sat down again next to Niall and I saw Harry come back to his seat.

Uncle:Okay back to business!

Uncle:I need you to choose which boy to help.Remember they all need help.

Me: I choose...

Uncle:Wait!But this includes getting you married to them.


Uncle:Relax it's only fake marriage.

I sighed in relief and I took a look at each and every boy.

Me:Wait how does this help with me finding a job?

Uncle:You'll get a job with me.Because since your choosing a boy.

I nodded.

Me:I choose..





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