Fake Marriage (Harry) *ON HOLD*

4 (Liam is taken)gorgeous,non-famous boys that need help from one certain girl.Who will she choose?(Harry) There will be other versions of the other boys so calm down and let me finish this version FIRST.


4. Important

Kelly's P.O.V

I stood there awkwardly listening to their convo.

Harry:Rob please get out.

Rob:Come on!Why?

Harry soon started pushed Rob out of the kitchen and seconds later I heard a door slam.Then Harry came back.

Harry:Sorry bout that.

He continued to cook breakfast while he was doing that I kind of heard him humming a song.His voice was amazing.He should try out for X-Factor or something.


I snapped back to reality and looked at the table full of food.Wow who knew he can cook so much food.I grabbed an empty plate and filled it with bacon,eggs,hash brown,sausage,and french toast.Harry looked at me surprised.


He looked away and started getting his own food.We ate in silence for about 5 minutes until Harry spoke up.

Harry:Do you want to go eat dinner with me at 7:00 P.M? 


Harry:It's a date then!Make sure to wear something..sexy.

He winked at me and grabbed his plate and put it in the dishwasher.Before he left the kitchen I spoke up.

Me:I'm going to work later.So I won't be back until 5:00.

He nodded and left.I picked up my plate and put it in the dishwasher as well.I turned it on and left to go to the room.I went to the bathroom and took a shower for about 10 minutes.I wrapped myself in a white towel and headed towards the bedroom.Before I can do that I checked the hallways to make sure Harry was there.The hallway was empty, that makes me feel better. I don't really know how I feel about the way that he has been treating me. I'm not usually attracted to guys that are pretty much silent, and well, in a nutshell, perverted at times. I just feel like maybe if I just keep acting the way that I'm acting - myself - that maybe he will kind of unravel. Be himself, because something tells me that this isn't the all-the-time Harry Styles. Well, now Prince Harry Styles, I guess. This is all just so different to me. It's like my heart really thinks that deep down, he is really a great guy. And in my heart, I really want to love him, but my head disagrees. My head thinks it is all a bad idea. My head is being realistic, while my heart is living in a fairytale.

I'm lost in thoughts, when all of a sudden I hear Harry clear his throat.

Harry: You alright there?

Me: Uh... yeah! I was just...uhh... well I was... excuse me.

I started to push my way past him, but he blocked my path. But this time, he wasn't checking me out. Instead he spoke.

Harry: You know, there is something that I think is really important that I need to talk to you about at dinner tonight.

Me: Well you know what? If you would let me through, I will go get ready for tonight.

Harry: Fine.

Me: Oh, and Harry.

Harry: What?

Me: Where are we going for dinner?

Harry: Ummm... just, well, fancy. Yeah, just dress elegantly. But don't forget the sexy!

Me: Alrighty then!

I said as I shoved my way past him, but I was trying to leave as quickly as possible because I am still only in a towel. I start to push open the door, but for some reason it won't open! I keep shoving at it, and shoving at it, until I hear Harry chuckling behind me.

Me: What are you laughing at?

He doesn't say anything, still with a small smirk on his face, walks over to me, turns the knob and pulls the door. So now I feel extremely stupid.

Me: Well you know, I was just testing you to see if you knew how to open a door.

I lied.

Harry: Sure. Now I know of something else that we will need to talk about over dinner tonight. How to open doors.

Me: Well, you know. Ummm... anyways, I'm going to go get ready now!

I said, scurrying out of the room, and practically sprinting down the hall to the other bathroom, my wet hair slinging every way possible. I close the door to the bathroom and lock it, as I slide down the door, and think about what just happened. I say to myself -

Me: Well, that's a start for getting him out of his shell!


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