My Small Joy

Macy Alexandria Luke-Ryan (Named Luke after mother,Ryan after father), has gotten big news. She is pregnant. She waits until the right moment to tell everyone the exciting news, but will the rest of the family be as excited? Read to find out!��

Four new chapters out on the 19th


2. Red Light, Green Light

Macy seemed to get every red light there was while on the way to the library. She finally pulled up in the parking lot, surprised at how many people there were. She pushed herself in through the door and stumbled to the couch that Max was sitting on. 

 " Hey there beautiful. What took so long?" Max nudged her in the side. 

 " I think everyone in town is here!"

They pulled out their text-books and read to each other. They both agreed that science was there least favorite so they went ahead and got that over with.

 "Hey Max, you know how we had a party on Friday? Well I think it got a little out of hand! It could be a good thing but...."

 " What's wrong Macy? Are you ok? Wait, don't tell me, are you pregnant?!" Max got up off of the couch and started tearing up. "Macy how could you! I have to get through the rest of high school and get into a good college! I don't have the time and money for a stupid baby!"

" If you feel that way, I will just leave you and you can forget about us!" Macy stormed off in utter rage and hopped in her car. Max ran out to apologize to Macy, but she was long gone.

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