My Small Joy

Macy Alexandria Luke-Ryan (Named Luke after mother,Ryan after father), has gotten big news. She is pregnant. She waits until the right moment to tell everyone the exciting news, but will the rest of the family be as excited? Read to find out!��

Four new chapters out on the 19th


3. No Where Else

Macy drove down the highway, holding back the tears she had building in her eyes. Why? What was I thinking?! I knew I should have not ever gone to that party! Macy's mind was spinning with thoughts of terrible things. She was so worked up, she was not even watching the traffic! She dodged the on coming car, and swerved to the right. I've got to stay as far away from home as I can! Mom will never forgive me, and dad, well yeah.... Macy realized the only place her mom would not catch her was their old house's barn. know one lives there, and mom hated every inch of it! It's the only way! 

 Macy found herself driving down an abandoned road shortly after she got if the highway. The barn was down the road; the rusty, shabby, old barn was not far. She thought to herself, " My life is over, I just know it!" Macy quickly drove up to the barn, jumped out of the car, and ran to the splintery, red door.

 As the door creaked open, Macy slipped inside. Inside the barn way piles upon piles of hay. The roof seemed to stretch for miles, and the walls seemed farther apart than ever before. Macy spotted the crooked ladder to the crow's nest her dad built years ago. She quickly sprinted to the steps and crawled up them. Up in the neat, she saw all of the  markings she made on the wall as a child. She crept over the splintered wood, curled up in a ball, and felt the warm, salty tears drip down  her cheek.

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