My Small Joy

Macy Alexandria Luke-Ryan (Named Luke after mother,Ryan after father), has gotten big news. She is pregnant. She waits until the right moment to tell everyone the exciting news, but will the rest of the family be as excited? Read to find out!��

Four new chapters out on the 19th


4. Hello?

Macy had fallen asleep in her tears, and woke up to find herself in a rain storm that swallowed everything whole. She slide down the slick steps to see if Max had come to comfort her. She quickly came to her senses to realize that he probably would want to have nothing to do with her for the rest of their lives.

She turned to face the back door creek open.

"Hello? Who is it?" She mumbled with hope that it was Max.

She was startled to see a cat slink in. Macy could tell the cat was pregnant as she was, but the cat was greatly over-due. The cat moaned and groaned as it crept towards her. The cat brushed up against her ripped jeans. Macy plopped down next to her, and the cat laid down with her belly facing her knee. Macy pictured herself as the cat and how much pain they would both go through.

Later that night Macy had curled up with the cat to sleep. Around midnight the cat started to wail and cry out.

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